A Tantalizing Taste of Single-Table

I’m not a believer that Major League Soccer (MLS) will ever go single-table, never mind adopt the promotion/relegation model – and that’s even as I count myself a fan of both.

That said, I just loved the tantalizing glimpse of what could be when ESPN showed the standings single-table style during the Toronto FC v. Los Angeles Galaxy broadcast. Actually, they simply lopped off the two leading teams of each conference and showed teams 5-13 along with their place and the points so far compiled. The layout, so neat and tidy, showed clearly the six point gap that separates the Chicago Fire from the eighth-overall Columbus Crew. No less apparent was how far teams like LA and Real Salt Lake have to go, something one doesn’t fully appreciate by looking at the standings in their current, MLSnet.com incarnation.

So, for those little moments, I got to day-dreaming about a single-table league one with (all right, all right) the top eight teams making the post-season, no exceptions and no questions asked. A little tiny bit of hope was born in those moments…which will likely be strangled in its crib over the next 12 or so years.

Is this a call for single-table? Not really. What can I say? I’m easy and I’ll watch just about anything. It would be nice, though, to watch something tweaked a little smarter…


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