About (One of) the Author(s)

As noted earlier, I thought I’d throw out an introductory post to kind of set the tone for what I hope to do in the future for this space. I’ll begin with a little about me:

– I have no real credentials of which to speak. The highest official playing level I ever “achieved” was junior varsity on a fairly weak high school team (Pullman, Washington’s first-ever high school soccer team, for the record). The highlight of that experience was probably the own-goal I scored in what may or may not have been a tournament final of some sort; I celebrated the occasion by bowing to the home crowd…and how they cheered…

– I find players more interesting for what they do than who they are. I feel a little guilt about this, but don’t think I should. I mean, I’m sure they’re fine, interesting human beings – or, rather, I doubt a cross-section of soccer players is any more or less personable and witty than the population as a whole – but it’s not like I’m paying to see them give spoken word performances, right? I’ve got other professionals for that…

– Relevant to the above, as noted in my profile (which I typed, but have never seen), I’m mainly interested in the game and those factors that immediately impact the game – e.g. trades, personnel, the overall financial health of Major League Soccer (MLS) and the sport of soccer in America. This definitely effects what I cover.

– Speaking of that, here’s a little of what you can by way of regular features in this space. I’ll still do weekly coverage, but I want to get away from the “total coverage” I’ve attempted in the past. I typically watch only two games per week and, as such, think those are the only games I’m really qualified to discuss. Given that, expect the specific game reports to come Sunday or (more likely) Monday; the weekly wraps – like the one I wrote today – should appear on Tuesdays. I’ll continue to do power rankings, both my own and the collective ratings I used to do for It’s a Simple Game; I really liked the latter for clocking the state of the league. In case you’re curious, the logic I apply is pretty straight-forward: If I put one team in third and another in fourth, that’s me saying I think the third-place team will beat the fourth-place team more often than not.

– The rest of the stuff will be features as they come to me – and, happily, I’ve already got a project in mind. More on that later…

– I don’t do previews, except in the league-wide sense and that’s only before the season and playoffs. That’s not to say I’ll entirely ignore the predictive sciences, but only that I don’t do game-specific weekly previews – or at least not traditional ones. Another feature I’m considering boils down to noting the games I intend to watch and stating why they ought to be interesting…never done that, but have mulled it heavily.

I think that’s it. Oh, and I’ve got this irksome need to explain myself…pretty terrible, really. Looking forward to talking at anyone nice enough to visit.

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