Disclosure: My MLS Biases

You know, until I confessed my soft spot for Real Salt Lake in this week’s power rankings it never occurred to me that some form of disclosure about my Major League Soccer (MLS) loyalties should be provided to readers. But, by golly, that’s just fair to people, isn’t it? I’ll be embedding this post in my profile – assuming I can figure how to do it – but, below, interested parties can find a list of all 13 MLS and how I feel about them.

Teams I Like
New England (my “official team”; I both pull for them and hate them)

FC Dallas (based on a series of blown predictions)

Real Salt Lake (do you love one-legged puppies? Well, then…)

Columbus Crew (you can take the boy out of Ohio, but you can’t take the Ohio out of the boy)

Teams I Hate

DC United (first love and it went sour; I think I hate success)

Los Angeles Galaxy (the object of most of my bile)

After that, I think I’m able to report fairly bias free. That’s not to say I have no opinion, views, or mental associations on the others. For instance, Kansas City remains the team whose existence I’m most likely to forget; ditto with Chivas USA (are they still playing? seems like I haven’t seen them in forever). I think Toronto will go here when the novelty wears off; then again, the whole Canada thing kind of sets them apart. I only like Colorado when they’re being thuggish assholes; go figure. I’ll probably hate Red Bull if they ever win the league, but don’t think I have to worry. As for the Chicago Fire and Houston Dynamo, I think I’d chuck them in the “worthy opponent” file – even if Chicago hasn’t remotely earned that this season; call it neutrality mingled with respect.

Is that everyone? Anyway, I don’t think these are static positions, which means, depending on how long I keep at this, I may have to revisit this. But I think these opinions have remained roughly fixed since 2005.

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