DMB shines for Rangers…FK Zeta fans do not.

DaMarcus Beasley was welcomed to his new club Rangers last Saturday with a 3-0 win against Inverness CT. This game didn’t go off without a hitch however as Beasley was quickly introduced to the physical play that is Scottish Football.

Most clubs are trying to keep tabs on Celtic and Rangers, who are always fighting for the top of the league. Based on the fact that teams can’t spend nearly as much as those two clubs, sometimes clubs use other tactics to even the score. This normally means very physical play, to say the least.

He quipped after the match “It was the first game and I was up against guys who were definitely bigger than me.”

Well Beasley didn’t have to deal with any Scots on Tuesday, but instead settled into his new Rangers kit netting the loan goal against FK Zeta in a 1-0 victory on Tuesday night.

Rangers move on to the third round 3-0 on aggregate.

Beasley managed to put in a low hard shot in the 81st minute from about 22 yards out. The goal wasn’t necessary for the Gers to move on, but it was a shining moment for Beasley with his new Scottish side.

Rangers boss Walter Smith said after the game, ‘Our squad has plenty of new players, and I must say they did well. ‘

I didn’t get a chance to see this game, but look forward to the opportunity to watch Beasley at Ibrox this season.

The definate losers of this game were the FK Zeta fans. Remember that whole push to get rid of Racism in Soccer? Well apparently it didn’t reach the Zeta fans. Beasley and teammate Jean-Claude Darcheville were subject to racist actions during the game.

Beasley addressed the incident after the game.

‘That’s something FIFA and UEFA must fight with, and solve.’

This is the 21st century, and we are still having trouble with it. ‘That’s not normal, not just for us, black players, that’s not normal for all other normal people.

‘I’ve faced that kind of situation throughout my whole career in Europe, not so much during my playing days in England, but even in Holland I’ve had similar problems.

I can’t imagine what players must go through during these racist chants and taunts. Yelling at another player because he is on another team is one thing, but bringing race into the equation is simply out of the question. UEFA and FIFA need to investigate and fine the team.

But no matter how rude and degrading the chants were, Beasley ended up getting the last word, without saying anything.


2 Responses

  1. what better way to deal with that shit than by scoring a goal…let alone the ONLY goal in the game. unfortunately if red star belgrade makes it through – he’ll be hearin’ it yet again in the next round

  2. I agree, it only would have been better if he just put a finger over his lips when he did it.

    On the article I read, he mentions playing against Red star Belgrade and getting taunted by them as well. I guess he can’t win.

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