(My) MLS News Wire

This is the kind of post I always try to stop doing, but the addiction to the concept is too strong. So, until the next freak-out, I’ll post links to the three news items from Major League Soccer (MLS) the most interested me. If someone else on this site gets to it before me, I’ll bump it for something else (as happened with the Danny Szetela to Roma FC thing).

Here goes:

– The latest progress on a stadium (as opposed to the stadium) in Kansas City. Just add government funds…

– All of the hype machine hits Jozy Altidore; the cover of FIFA ’08, eh?

– Do you think the Los Angeles Galaxy is bad? Want to think they’re worse? Read this. The free shots to the balls appear toward the bottom.


6 Responses

  1. haha sorry about knicking that piece…i was on my lunch break and got an e-mail, figured i should put it up.

  2. Hey Breton. I figure it’s a good thing…makes me dig a little deeper, work a little harder (not that I did today (the guilt; the damned guilt!) for the material.

  3. hey guys, i tried to post something earlier, it said it was pending review, did i do something wrong or is this standard?

  4. Josh – you should be good now, had to change you from contributor to administrator…otherwise Ryan would’ve had to play editor.

    jeff – haha well i’ll try not to jump the gun on mls related posts next time…

  5. No, no. DO jump the gun. Seriously. You’ve got to make me find the hard stuff or I’ll feel like I’m not doing anything here.

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