Alves looking for a bit of Respect

I hope that this doesn’t come to fruition, but Dani Alves has made it clear the last few weeks that he is looking to get out of Sevilla and land in a ‘bigger’ club, even if that means a paycut.

When I was reading the Spanish dailies today, Dani Alves said in the AS

“La quiero aprovechar. Por respeto a mí lo tienen que hacer. Me he portado bien en estos cuatro años y medio, y exijo que el Sevilla también se porte bien, en el sentido de valorar una oferta”

Now I always like to give the Spanish actual text because sometimes I feel sentiments get lost in the translation but I will translate for everyone.

‘ I want to take advantage of it. They have to do it in order to respect me. I have behaved over these four and a half years and I expect that Sevilla behaves the same way, in the sense of considering an offer.’

Alves is worried that Sevilla won’t entertain an offer for him from Chelsea, who seem to be the front runners to acquire the Sevillista.

At 24, Alves is in his prime, and was magnificent last year as Sevilla made their run through the UEFA and La Liga. Alves has the ability to defend well and to attack and overlap on the wings. Chelsea would love to have Alves right now as their teams only fielded 11 ‘match-fit’ players for training on Wednesday at Stamford Bridge.

I hope that Sevilla does afford Alves with the respect that he deserves, but at the same time do not want to see him leave Sevilla. He has been a cornerstone of that back line and Ramos would have some big boots to fill if he does leave.

He also was ‘rumored’ to be a possible target for Liverpool, but those rumors quicky went away. I don’t understand why Alves wouldn’t want to go to the Spanish colony that is Liverpool, but that’s his own decision.


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