LIVE BLOG: Rapids v. Sounders, U.S. Open Cup quarterfinal

Seattle Sounders 5, Colorado Rapids 0 (FINAL)

Final: The Sounders salute their fans. A wonderful day for Seattle soccer. Hopefully future MLS owners get ahold of this tape.

Final: It’s over. A beatdown of epic proportions. A minor-league USL First Division teams thrashes an MLS team 5-nil. I’m tag along with the actual reporters to get some quotes and stuff.

90th minute: The Sounders nearly net a sixth and have now outscored MLS teams 8-1 in the Open Cup. 5-0 tonight and 3-1 in the fourth round against Chivas USA.

87th minute: Does Seattle have an inspirational walk-on to fire the crowd up? Guess not.

85th minute: Sounders playing keep-away now, this one’s almost in the books.

80th minute: I don’t think I can jinx (sp?) it now. Seattle will host F.C. Dallas on September 4th — we have to wait that long? Oh well.

76th minute: I hear Bonds hit his 756th, which means this game will get no play in the media. Unfortunate.

72nd minute: We have to be nearing some sort of record. This is one to remember.

So is the MLS this bad? Granted Seattle is tied for first place, come on…

68th minute: GOOOOOOOOOOAL SEATTLE!!!!!!! 5-0! Are you joking me? The Frenchman on a breakaway, takes a touch past Ihemelu, the last defender, and beats three defenders down the field. Finishes it off with a toe-poke past Thornton.

Le Toux was named Player of the Round for his two-goal performance against Chivas U.S.A. I’m sure the MLS will be calling.

63rd minute: Official attendance is 6,619. In any other stadium, it would look like more.

61st minute: The Sounders reserves up here chide, “these guys suck!” I’ve never seen players chill up in the press box during a game, but whatever works.

56th minute: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL SEATTLE!!! Seattle forward Le Toux, the Frenchman, lays a beautiful ball off to a streaking Josh Gardner. The former Galaxy wing takes a touch and slams a shot past Thornton.

4-0 Seattle. Welcome to the woodshed Colorado.

54th minute: SAVE! Seattle’s Scott almost nets his second on a header. The corner kick came it perfectly to the back post, only a Thornton reflex keeps it out.

52nd minute: Levesque looks alright. Down three goals, Colorado’s chances seem minuscule with just 10 men.

49th minute: RED CARD. That ejection didn’t take long. Colorado’s Erpen takes Levesque down with a boot to the upper thigh. Ouch.

The Emerald City Supporters — Seattle’s hardcore section — gives the Argenine what he deserves as he leaves the field.

47th minute: Rapids take out a defender (Clark) for a midfielder (Hernandez), Sounders take out midfielder (O’Brien, who had a yellow) for another Greg Howes.

Halftime: Prediction? PAIN. This second half is gonna get physical.

Halftime: Rapids coach Fernando Clavijo has some words at midfield with the refs. I don’t think there’s much to complain about. Colorado could easily have two goals on the efforts by Casey and Gomez.

Halftime: Sounders coach Brian Schmetzer did guarantee a win over local sports radio, but I don’t think anyone could have imagined this show in the first 45 minutes.

45+ minute: A loose ball finds Gomez in front of the net, Eylanders makes a wonderful reaction save. Could be a game-saver.

44th minute: A couple more yellow cards, the announcer says someone is bound to get ejected. I agree.

41st minute: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL SEATTLE!!!! Levesque beats the Rapid defender on a through ball, forces a great save from Thornton. Ihemelu running back to the play hits it back into the net. Own goal, 3-0 Sounders.


37th minute: Another Sounders header, this time Thornton is up to it. A nice crowd here tonight, I’ll have the exact number for you later.

So is Seattle the next in line for an MLS team? With the Sonics potentially leaving, it could open the door for soccer.

32nd minute: Best sign: “Colorado, get ready for a RAPID exit.” There’s not much to pick from, but sounds about right so far.

30th minute: Two yellow cards given as things get testy. Seattle’s Treschuk takes down Cancela on a breakaway. Gomez retaliates. Both get booked.

28th minute: Some of the Sounders reserves are up here eating the pizza, going crazy. What an unbelievable couple minutes. Can Colorado recover?

25th minute: GOOOOOOOOOAL SEATTLE! This is not a typo. On a set piece, O’Brien plays a picture-perfect cross in the box. Defender Zach Scott (a.k.a the Flyin’ Hawai’ian) runs free and buries a header past Thornton.

23rd minute: GOAL SEATTLE! Defender Taylor Graham — formerly of the New York Red Bulls — beats Casey to the far post on a cross, Thornton is nowhere. 1-0 Sounders.

21st minute: Casey can’t believe it, holds his arms in the air. Cancela set up the play, drawing the keeper and playing a short chip to Casey in front of the net. The big forward flicked it on toward the goal last only to be denied at the last second.

20th minute: Conor Casey headed the ball toward an open net, but at the very last second defender Danny Jackson CLEARS IT OFF THE LINE!!! Unbelievable play.

18th minute: Seattle continues to have the best opportunities. These two played a Round of 16 Open Cup match in 1999, Colorado won 1-0 and advanced all the way to the final. They lost to the Rochester Raging Rhinos of the USL-1 in the championship.

15th minute: Seattle is controlling the game for the most part. Colorado’s defense looks really shaky.

13th minute: We got an updated score from another quarterfinal. FC Dallas 2, Charleston Battery (USL-1) 1. If Seattle wins tonight, they’ll host Dallas in the semis.

10th minute: Gomez — sporting some painfully-bright bleached hair — goes down easy, the ref is having none of it.

6th minute: Ihemulu knocks down the Sounders forward along the endline, no call. Then Facundo Erpen goes down hard, takes some treatment, comes back in.

3rd minute: Conor Casey has the ball all alone 20 yards out, misplays a threw ball, should’ve shot it.

Pregame: Sounders starting XI: GK Chris Eylander, D Taylor Graham, D Danny Jackson, D Kevin Sakuda, D Zach Scott, M Leighton O’Brien, M Josh Gardner, M Kenji Treschuk, M Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar, F Roger Levesque, F Sebastien Le Toux.

Le Toux has played in the French First Division; Graham, O’Brien, Sakuda and Gardner are some of the few that have MLS experience.

Pregame: Starting lineup for Colorado: GK Zach Thornton, D Brandon Prideaux, D Ugo Ihemelu, D Facundo Erpen, D Colin Clark, M Pablo Mastroeni, M Mehdi Ballouchy, M Jose Cancela, M Jacob Peterson, F Conor Casey, F Herculez Gomez.

Prideaux and Gomez are former Sounders.

Pregame: Hey everyone, I’m here at Qwest Field to live blog the U.S. Open Cup quarterfinal between the Seattle Sounders of the USL First Division and the Colorado Rapids. I used to work for the Sounders, so I got the hook-ups…

4 Responses

  1. Oh, holy shit. Hide the children. This is awful…awful.

    (NOTE: Left after the score went 4-0; hopefully this will result in Fernando Clavijo’s ass (finally) getting canned.)

  2. Whatta game! A complete out-classing at every level.

    The Colorado Rapid defense is awful and their wings provide nothing.

    It was cool seeing Keller and Mastroeni.

  3. […] though, do the Colorado Rapids count as an MLS team at this point? I think my colleague, Josh (who live blogged the Sounders/Rapids game; good on ya, lad), whether consciously or not, said what needs saying: […]

  4. Lovin’ it up in the NW, lads. Absolutely lovin’ it. Season of dreams right now…

    I just can’t believe how softly the mighty mighty Rapids fell over. Then again Maestro had his bits chopped when he won himself a yellow. Surprisingly that stopped him from playing dirty (can you imagine that?).

    Still, glad to have escaped the fixture without any serious injuries and having had two defenders score. Also, did you see when our own Danny Jackson did his best John Terry from WC ’06 impression? Saving the ball off the line? Classic!

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