(My) MLS News Wire:

Today’s Top Three:

– Tucked inside Ryan Hunt’s weekly wrap of Major League Soccer (MLS; the column is titled Free Kicks), there’s this interesting detail about the rest of Chivas USA’s schedule: ” Of [Chivas USA’s] 13 matches left, 10 are in the Home Depot Center.” Why does that matter? Check the standings and look under the “Home” column on Chivas’ line: yessir, 6-0-1, with 2 goals allowed.

– Kevin McGeehan’s column for USSoccerplayers.com brought offered a mental anti-acid for anyone who agonizes over the “Beckham Effect.” Yes, Virginia, you can make money in soccer…just not that often…

– Confused by the totality of the playoff scheme: Luis Bueno explains it all – specifically, how the seeding stacks up if 5 teams from one conference make the post-season

And, for the record, word of “ape chants” being directed at DaMarcus Beasley, well, that’s just straight-up bullshit. I would have flagged it here, but a refreshing number of people have already made the correct call. Still, call that the official position of this space.

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