Open Cup: Sounders v. Stupids

A fairly exciting night last night in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup (LHUSOC), what with two close games – one of them requiring overtime to resolve matters – and the other, a blow-out goal-fest.

Returning to a theme I hammered on the old site (I even used the same language), I was a little relieved to see that no Major League Soccer (MLS) team lost last night. I mean, think about it: two USL-1 teams in the semifinals – and maybe more, depending on what happens tonight between the New England Revolution and the Harrisburg City Islanders. I mean, that would have been SO embarrassing for the MLS.

So, again, good night last night and no MLS teams lost. I kid, I kid…or am I? In all seriousness, though, do the Colorado Rapids count as an MLS team at this point? I think my colleague, Josh (who live blogged the Sounders/Rapids game; good on ya, lad), whether consciously or not, said what needs saying: “”So is the MLS this bad? Granted Seattle is tied for first place, come on…”

Contrary to the evidence foisted on us by the current edition of the LHUSOC, no. The Rapids, however, are that bad. If, as rumored, the Rapids front office is too cheap to fire him, head coach Fernando Clavijo simply needs to step down. The house is on fire and denying it doesn’t put out the flames. STEP DOWN, FERNANDO. You’re doing the coaching equivalent of walking around with your pants around your ankles with peanut butter smeared all over your ass.

So, how bad was it? “The five-goal deficit was the worst suffered by an MLS team in Open Cup history.” Yes…

Where are the home fans on this (well, except these guys)?  Figuring that the mainstream Denver press would pull its punches (they did their glass half-full best), I ambled over to FC Rocky, the Rocky Mountain News’ soccer blog. Here’s their take: “quite possibly the worst moment in franchise history.” Again, yes…

Jesus, Fernando. What more do you need? Your dignity has already left the building; why don’t you go catch up with it?

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  2. […] Center holds it… Holds It… HOLDS IT!!! takes the gentlemanly approach (as they so often do – what a suave site!) and merely requests that Clavijo displays the honor of the samurai. […]

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