(My) MLS News Wire: Tu y Yo, Eloy, Eloy, Eloy

– The Kansas City Star reports that the Kansas City Wizards added to Major League Soccer’s (MLS) Argie contingent with the signing of Eloy Colombano.  WVHooligan has some thoughts.  My thoughts: I’m more worried about these guys’ defense; I mean, they’ve got Yura Movsisyan.  And what does this/could this mean for Carlos Marinelli?

– The Screaming Eagles Podcast breaks down the MLS standings in yet another way: by points-per-game.  Seems like a good measure to me, at least for clocking streaks.  FYI, sez there that Toronto FC ain’t gonna make it.

– The author of the FC Dallas Offside concludes his debate on the designated player rule with the argument “fer”; “agin,” in case you missed it, came out last week…and I think his heart was more in that one.


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  1. […] touched on this in an earlier post but I’ll go into more depth sometime next week. Also thank you to the guy (maybe it was a girl, I don’t know) who correctly pointed out that I mailed in my reasons for a […]

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