FIFA VP hates England, scoffs at ’18 WC bid

With the Premiership nearly upon us and an Englishman taking all the headlines here in the States, one would think England is a reasonable fit for a future World Cup.

Not according to FIFA VP Jack Warner, look at what he had to say.

“It’ll be Italy, Spain, or it might even be France. Nobody in Europe likes England.”

“England – who invented the sport – has never had any impact on world football. England at no time has had the love and support of Europe. For Europe, England is an irritant.”

No surprise Warner has taken quite a bit o’ heat for those not-so-loving comments.

Maybe he hates England because they beat his home country, Trinidad and Tobago, 2-0 in the ’06 World Cup.

Or maybe some English guy stole a girlfriend of his a while back and unleashed a grudge of mammoth proportions.

Whatever it is, the dude’s gotta let it go.


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