MLS News Wire, 08.10.07: Talking Heads, Bad & Good; Weekend Viewing

Down below, I had some good things to say about the time Washington Post sports columnist Michael Wilbon spent in ESPN’s broadcast booth last night (his column in today’s Post basically covers the same points; no wonder he was so prepared).  Not everyone “pardoned the interruption” ([rimshot]  Thanks!   I’ll be here all week!): My Soccer Blog makes a pretty good case against the sort of segment toward the bottom of his wrap on the game.  Mike H, that blog’s author, makes a pretty good case; if you’ve got the patience for it, I offer a defense in the comments field.  The New York Times’ GOAL blog covers has a take similar to Mike’s (I only add this ’cause it looks like a killer blog; hat-tip to The Offside Rules for pointing it out).

– It turns out that ESPN booth-dude Rob Stone shares my love for cheap beer and Chinese.  The pro wrestling, not so much.

– St. Louis, Missouri’s attempt to lure a Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise before the competition starts in Colinsville, IL, where some dude wants to build a stadium.  Wanna know where Colinsville sits relative to St. Louis?  Here you go.

Turning to the weekend, I’m fairly confident I’ll get to take in Fox Soccer’s broadcast of the Columbus Crew’s visit to FC Dallas (preview).  Should be a good game (OK, it might) and it should tell us a thing or two about the state of the Crew’s offense or Dallas’ defense.  If I’m crazy/dumb enough to go to bed late or wake up early on Sunday/Monday, I may take in an accelerated viewing of Red Bull v. Toronto FC (preview); I’m very curious as to the Bulls’ state of refreshment after the long lay-off.  But that’s the most I’m going to see.

Have a good weekend, all y’all.

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