Sevilla 1-Real Madrid 0

First off, I’m a little peeved because I went to the mall with my girlfriend today and was waiting to come back for the game, when I realized that I did the time-difference wrong and I ended up missing it.

And to think that I lived in Spain for 2 years, and I can’t do the time change.

So I will get a copy of it and watch it later, but for those of you who watched it, feel free to throw in your own two cents in the comments section.

Some things I noticed while reading the recap here…

—Missing out of the lineup was Poulsen, which I thought was a bit strange. I was sure he would play in the back, or at least at midfield, but he was absent the entire game.

—Capel subbed in for Duda on 67 minutes. I wish I got to see him play and I’m thinking this won’t be the last we see him this season.

—Ramos used all three substitutions, bringin in Capel, Maresca and Tom de Mul. Ramos looks to be getting his guys some playing time come the Champions league clash with AEK Athens on Wednesday.

—Also missing from the lineup was Chevantón, instead bringing Renato up from his normal midfield position and placing him at striker.

If anyone saw the game today, feel free to add your two cents as I didn’t see it, as I mentioned earlier. I will be SURE to catch the Champions league game on Wednesday however.