LA Playoffs: Donovan Believes; Do You? Who Else Misses?*

* I think I tipped my hand a little by posing that last question…

At any rate, the Los Angeles Galaxy’s Landon Donovan related his glass-half-full estimation of his team’s chances to a Boston Herald reporter:

“We’ve got a chance,” said Donovan. “The good thing is we’ve got more than half the season to go. If we can put together a second half of the season like some teams have done in the first half, then we can make it. At this point, it’s hard to see that, because we’re just trying to win the next game.”

But with harsh opinions about everything from the savvy of LA’s GM to polls about choosing between the Superliga and Major League Soccer (MLS) (and thanks for the tip, Laurie), one could posit the hypothesis that optimism about LA’s chances decrease as one moves physically away from Donovan. Going against that, though, the local professional press doesn’t think much of LA’s chances…maybe it’s the road trip…how to test that hypothesis?

Speaking for myself, the past two losses have emboldened me to declare the Galaxy’s post-season chances dead, though not yet buried. And, while I’m on the subject and with one eye on the current standings, here’s who else I think will miss the ’07 playoffs: Real Salt Lake (tough call, I know); the Colorado Rapids; Toronto FC; and…drumroll, please…the Chicago Fire. Sorry…I just can’t stop believing in the Columbus Crew Miracle.

Who do you see missing out?

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