Blogosphere: I Need You to Be My Eyes

In an attempt to contain my manic compulsion to read…absolutelyeverything…(which really cuts into writing time, dontcha know?), I’m moving to a new information-gathering method: relying on the blogosphere and, oh, a site or two, to keep my current on all things Major, League, and Soccer.

So, with that mind, here’s my request: If you run a blog about a specific MLS team (or, hell, I don’t care, teams) please drop me a link in the comments field.  It’s the only way I can learn now…

…and I’ve already got The Offside wired, so I’m mainly fishing for others.

6 Responses

  1. dude why dont you just click through soccerblogs and pick them there? being sven is a pretty cool blog about liverpool. who ate all the pies is also good.

  2. Not my sites, but since you don’t have three (quite simply) “essential” sites on your blogroll, I’d like to share them with you.

    Soccer Insider by Steven Goff (
    Soccer by Ives by Ives Galarcep (
    Sideline Views by Luis Bueno and Andrea Canales (

    Insider covers mostly DC United, Ives NYRB, and View covers Chivas and LA. All three sites do a bit of national coverage as well.

  3. I added tags/categories/labels to soccerblogs a couple months ago, so as long as blog authors use them correctly to label their posts “Major League Soccer” you can use the following page to view articles:

    There are also team specific ones that are used:

  4. you can check out my site, Injury Time, at Plus, I’ve got a list of links on the right side you can browse through too.

  5. Thanks for all that, people. For the record – particluarly for g, Ives, Goff, etc. – I already check and enjoy those sites. Good stuff, all y’all.

    And, to Oscar, dude, you rock. I visit soccer blogs daily and, twit that I am, didn’t even think about the tags angle.

  6. Here you go, check out this URL for a compilation of 100+ soccer feeds:

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