MLS Newswire, 08.14: WWBD? DP, Salary Cap Rumors

– League or Superliga, League or Superliga? Even though I commented on it at the time (here; I’m in the comments field!), something about the nearness of relevant dates really focuses the mind; Scott French, writing on his new Around America blog, takes on the same question. Then again, word David Beckham looks likely to play in tomorrow’s Superliga semifinal against DC United may be playing a role as well. So, what’s the question (yeah, dumbass; way to bury the lead): Should the LA Beckhams focus on Superliga or getting back to the MLS playoffs? The answer: the should kick Alexi Lalas in the ding-ding for scheduling two road friendlies in October.

– On what is fast becoming a favorite site, MLS Rumors passes on some juicy stuff about MLS’s Powers That Be (MLS Board of Governors) allowing teams two DPs each and, best of all, raising the salary cap. Now, I have no freaking clue as to whether my brand-new, all-time favorite site is a hoax or not…but I wholly endorse those two agenda items regardless.

– Tucked down at the bottom of a Boston Globe article that leads with the inverse relationship between the quality of New England Revolution teams and attendance at Foxboro/Gillette, Frank Dell’Appa mentions something about Sunil Gulati’s efforts to arrange a friendly between the U.S. National Team and Asian champions Iraq. Am I alone in thinking this could be, um, an emotionally complicated “friendly?”

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