Superliga: Pachuca edges Houston….[buffering]

Here, courtesy of the Superliga site’s feed and the DSL set-up I have at home, is a re-enactment, edited for brevity, of how I viewed last night’s semifinal between the Houston Dynamo and CF Pachuca. Viewing started around the 47th minute (this is translated from Spanish):

Houston on the ba….Barrett passes up the….


Pachuca on the atta…..ball centered into the area, Jimen….Houston in possession at the midfiel….tly intercepted by…Ching runs it dow….


GOOO………ALLLLLLL!!!!!! GO……..ALLL!! Pachuca 2, Houston….

[buffering; me, “What the fuck just happened?!”]

Free kick for Hou….


GOOOAALLLL!!! Houston Dynamo have leveled the score through Eddie Robinson! As the ball gets played in, Robinson breaks to the center of the goal and simply out-muscled the defender (NOTE: For some reason, the feed worked pretty well around this time.)

Ball back in pl….


And we head into extra tim….Corey Ashe breaks from def….a push….It’s a red card! No hesita….

[buffering; again, me, “Wait, what?! How does Ashe get a red card for getting pushed out of bounds?!”]

As you can se…kicked the Pach…

[Me: “Oh, he kicked the dude while he was down.” (NOTE: ESPN’s write-up tells me Ashe got ejected for elbowing a Pachuca player, but I didn’t see that; it just looked like Ashe got shoved out of bounds and was ejected for retaliating when the player tried to help him up. Then again, you see how the viewing went.)]

And we go to penal….icks….irst up, Brian Mull….goal….Oh! it’s a save by Pachuca’s ‘keep…AND PACHUCA WINS IT! PACHUCA ARE THROUGH TO THE FIN….

[fade to black]

Other junk on my mind:

– I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again: MLS needs to hook up with the service the USL uses for their online feeds. Even on my crappy DSL handles the USL’s feed, judging by the experience of watching FC Dallas play Charleston, worked far better – and that was without me making my usual adjustment of waiting to watch the archived game after 10 p.m. or very early the next morning. This was one hell of a frustrating way to watch a game – so frustrating, in fact, that I doubt I’ll tune into tonight’s semifinal between DC United and the Los Angeles Galaxy.

– On a related point, in spite of (jokingly) calling J Hutcherson a traitor yesterday, a big part of me is glad Pachuca reached the final; I’m less happy they made it at the expense of the Dynamo, since I like them better than the remaining MLS teams. But the thing is, I enjoy the Superliga a lot more when Mexican teams play MLS teams. That’s the point of the tournament, right? Sort of?

– Houston v. Pachuca is shaping up into a nice little rivalry. Even with the buzz-kill of two weeks off and the god-awful feed, I got pulled into this one pretty easily.

– Great, great crowd last night as well. Way to go Houston!

– UPDATE: This is too good to pass up: Sideline Views found a cartoon run in the Mexican outlet, Medio Tiempo; you can find the translation for the text (in case you speak only gringo like me) on the post that took me there.

Well, may as well pass on the official version of events.

And, as for tonight, I think I’ll root for a DC win. The reputation of MLS is on the line, after all.


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