LA Wins! …or DC throws the game…

OK, so I enjo…ame…qual…viewing as I did last night, but – c’mon – seriously*, DC United threw the Superliga semis.  No, no, man…it’s cool, Don Garber never comes ’round here; neither does that Lalas dude.  So, DC threw it, right?

What about the refs?  Any weird calls?  A heavy lean toward LA throughout?  Anything?

Seriously…they threw the game, didn’t they

(* Seriously, seriously?  I watched the second half using the same hiccup-heavy video-feed-crippled-by-DSL method, so I don’t know much about the game.  My guess is DC didn’t throw it.  But, damn, it’d be kinda epic if they did.)


4 Responses

  1. Honestly, the only questionable thing about the whole game was the foul that led to the Beckham free kick. As a DC fan, I want to whine and complain about bad officiating, but really… we just sucked last night.

    Really bummed about that. Gonna go jump off a bridge now.

  2. Dang. I’ve gotta pull for LA against Pachuca? Tough one, that.

  3. […] the goal here, which I happened to see on a reasonably smooth video feed, as opposed to the game, which I did not.) On the other hand, the most interesting thing I saw in the video (which I’ll either link to […]

  4. World news: Beckham finally delivers in MLS

    Ok, allow me to set the Serie A aside for just a minute (not much happened these last two days anyways except for some transfer rumours, and Domenech going full steam ahead with his “conspiracy theory” charges), and let me take you acros…

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