MLS “News” & Where We Learn About Trades

In my (stupidly) exhaustive travels around the Web today, I came across posts and articles about Cuban defectors Lester Mor and Osvaldo Alonso getting closer to signing with Chivas (sadly, after searching high and low, I can’t find it), confirmation that Real Salt Lake has signed two of the three Argentines who have trained with the club for a couple weeks – an event, by the way, that brought the unfamiliar sensation of “excitement” (as opposed to the more familiar morbid dread) to the Salt Lake area – and, elsewhere, still another rumor says the Chicago Fire have singed defender William Conde from Colombia. Even if this last one isn’t news, strictly speaking, one could at least describe an attempt to sign any player as news, right?

Go the the “news” web-page on, though, and there’s nary a mention of any of this – even the stuff that is straight-up news.  Hell, you can even go to  RSL’s corner of the official site and there’s nothing.  There’s nothing on Chivas’ bit either.  Or the Fire’s.  Call me old-fashioned, or even curmudgeonly, but player signings, and even pursuit, should be bread-and-butter news.  The way things are going, MLS’s official site will become the last place fans go to get news.  And for what?  Some weird corporate policy about maximizing the fanfare?  Leaving more room for Beckham crap? should be the first, most reliable place for straight-up news, not the last.  Hire more friggin’ interns if you  have to, guys.  Oh, and it’s past time to get back up to snuff on the MLS Newsstand.  That thing has been dragging behind events for a couple weeks now.

If you’re looking to hire someone, I’m available….

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