MLS Newswire, 08.16: O’Brien, DPs…no, I can’t write The Name again

– Bad news for Toronto FC fans: Ronnie O’Brien may need to go under the knife. Things haven’t been good in his absence. (Is it the turf?)

– Big hats off to Bill Urban, who wrote the post I once started but never completed. What accounts for the ongoing success of the Houston Dynamo and the New England Revolution (sub-question: good God, will we really have to endure a repeat of last year’s final?). One answer: it’s not spazzing through a series of desperate trades. It’s a good article. I do have one talking point to add: neither team has a designated player. Coincidence?

– In a day of raves – including one written by the same author – Andrea Canales wrote what could very well be the least heroic account of LA’s win over DC in last night’s Superliga semi.

4 Responses

  1. Is this the correct locale for the leaving of a sarcastic comment referencing the lack of links to certain articles?


    So wanted to comment on the clubs’ refusal to sign Designated Players. Cursed word limits…

  2. Very, embarrassed. Sorry about the dropped ball,. Senor Urban.

    I tell ya, I quibbled with a verb choice in one of Urban’s pieces way back when and it’s like this mental block…no, it’s like a curse. Now, everything I touch…bam! It all goes wrong…

    Anyway, the missing link has been found and added. And, seriously, not only did Urban actually complete the job of writing the post, his version definitely topped my first draft.

  3. I am going to have to sign up to receive your feed. This is good stuff

  4. This article is very good quality. I was reading it with pleasure. cheers

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