MLS Week 19 Collective Power Rankings; The Three Tiers Hold

Like sands through the hourglass, so the season keeps spilling along – and the Collective Power Rankings are there to make sense of it all. As you’ll see below, large swaths of the Semi-Detached Pundit Collective (SDPC) (which, actually, boasts a small number) has anointed a new #1. That, and other revelations appear below, as will my typical comments on some specifics.

I’ll start with a general comment on what I’m seeing among SDPC figures: the past week’s games, though relatively few in number, had a taffy-esque on the pundits’ views. While everyone ranks the same four teams in the top four, the same four teams in spots #5-8, and the same five in spots #9-13, the range within all three tiers went haywire. With this in mind, I’ve added a new feature to these rankings: I’ll list the most frequently-given ranking for each of Major League Soccer’s 13 teams – e.g. FC Dallas received 5 of 7 possible first place votes, a data-point I’ll indicate with “#1 X 5,” as in voted #1 five times. That will precede the ranking and average “score” from last week’s collective rankings.

One final bit of business: I realized that what I’m doing here is very (very, very) similar to what ESPN does in compiling their power rankings. And, for a time, by including pundits like Ives Galarcep and Andrea Canales, I inadvertently added more weight to their rankings – i.e. because they’re already part of ESPN’s pool, adding them again here means they’re counted twice, etc. etc. So, that will be discontinued. For the record, or at least according to their header, Luis Bueno isn’t part of ESPN’s count, so I’ll continue to use him (who’s always more of an Sports Illustrated man, in any case; speaking of, SI’s rankings arent’ yet up; c’mon, Ryan…we’re on deadline over here).

With that in mind, then, here are the participants for Week 19’s pool:

Center Holds It (Me)
My Soccer Blog
MLS Underground/American Soccer Daily
Sideline Views (Luis Bueno)
Fox Soccer (Keith Costigan)
ESPN (another collective)

And…drumroll, please….here are the collective rankings:

1. FC Dallas, 1.4 (#1 X 5; last week, #2, 2.4)
2. New England Revolution, 2.3 (#2 and 3 X 2; last week, #3, 3.1)
3. DC United, 2.9 (#4 X 3; last week, #4, 3.4)
4. Houston Dynamo, 3.4 (#4 X 4; last week, #1, 1.1)
5. Red Bull New York, 6.0 (#5 and 7 X3; last week, #8, 7.3)
6. Chivas USA, 6.3 (#5, 6, 7 X 2; last week #6, 6.5)
7. Kansas City Wizards, 6.4 (#5, 6, & 8 X 2; last week, #5, 5.6)
8. Columbus Crew, 7.3 (#8 X 4; last week, #7, 6.8)
9. Chicago Fire 9.1 (#9 X 6; last week, #9, 9.3)
10. Toronto FC, 10.4 (#10 X 4; last week, #10, 9.6)
11. Colorado Rapids, 10.9 (#11 X 3; last week, #13, 12.5)
12. Los Angeles Galaxy, 12.1 (#12 and 13 X 3; last week, #11, 11.0)
13. Real Salt Lake, 12.4 (#13 X 4; last week, #12, 12.4)

Some additional ruminations:

– Holy crap, the rankings look an awful mess, don’t they? Can anyone else make out the numbers?

– For those who can, feel free to join me, once again, in being struck by the perceptual gap between #1-4, #5-8, and #9-13; one sees a 2.6 drop-off from #4-5 and a 1.8 drop from #8-9. It’s a three-tier league, I tell ya. In the grand scheme, I think this is a more accurate way of ranking power in MLS. Maybe next year…but what will become of the rankings?

– To demonstrate the “messy” effect I’m seeing in #5-8, please allow me to direct your attention to Chivas and KC, in particular. According to the SDPC, they’re either 5th, 6th, 7th…or maybe 8th, in KC’s case. I figure that makes both of them the league’s most inscrutable teams.

– I’m just going to come out and say it: I think a weird desire persists to view Red Bull New York as a serious team. A few people seem to want to puff them up, but, when I look at Red Bull, I’m seeing a fairly inconsistent team that benefits from the odd impressive win. In other words, why won’t anyone besides Keith Costigan join in my effort to overrate Columbus?

– On a convolutedly related note, here I am, the only pundit to rank DC United #1 – and what do they do? Lose to the friggin’ Galaxy, by general consent the #12 team in MLS. I sure can jinx ‘em. Let’s see…who to place at #1 next week….

– The most remarkable thing I’m seeing in all this comes with the amount of movement that occurred in the rankings between Weeks 18 and 19. Since the loss to Salt Lake already had a lot of people holding, what happened to Houston isn’t so surprising. But Red Bull jumped a lot for a team that beat only TFC, no matter how soundly; the same goes for Colorado. And KC suffered pretty heavily for a team after a bye week.

That’s all on this. We’ll see what happens next week.

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