Promising Support for MLS Philly.

Chester Waterfront

The formidable investors group has been identified as being led by James Nevels – who is a big proponent of Philadelphia area reform – and his cause is being championed publicly by Governor Ed Rendell himself.

“We’re very supportive of the concept,” Rendell said after a news conference at Philadelphia School District headquarters Tuesday. “I think you could transform the city of Chester.”

The ‘concept’ being a $100 million dollar waterfront stadium located in the somewhat ‘interesting’ neighborhood of Chester City (about 15 miles southwest of the Philadelphia International Airport). If they’re going to look at Chester, why not look at Camden – right across the river – which already has established sports/entertainment attractions like the Camden Riversharks, Rutgers-Camden soccer fields, and the Tweeter Center. All right along the waterfront. Chester’s claim to fame is that it is the ‘oldest city’ in Pennsylvania and boasts such landmarks as Chester Park, the University Technology Park, and the bridge most of us South Jerseyans would use – the Commodore Barry Bridge. Situated between I-95 and the always logjammed 476 – the ‘suburb’ of 35,000 could certainly use the introduction of a complex like the one Nevels and Rendell are trying to make happen. And Rendell believes this project coupled with the casinos just put in Chester could make for a rapid resurgence. But at what consequence?

But a number of unanswered questions remain, including how viable the waterfront stadium site is and whether the Legislature would authorize state funds for the project, John Estey [senior advisor to Ed Rendell] said.”This is not a done deal by a long shot,” he added.

Any with knowledge of the area please chime in…I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this. Is Chester a good place for this potential stadium or should we be concentrating on a Camden, NJ or where? Gotta love the talk about expansion though with Saint Louis, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Seattle, AND Philadelphia all being mentioned as of late. Glad to see there’s this kind of buzz. 

Here is the link from ESPN Soccernet.

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LA Wins! …or DC throws the game…

OK, so I enjo…ame…qual…viewing as I did last night, but – c’mon – seriously*, DC United threw the Superliga semis.  No, no, man…it’s cool, Don Garber never comes ’round here; neither does that Lalas dude.  So, DC threw it, right?

What about the refs?  Any weird calls?  A heavy lean toward LA throughout?  Anything?

Seriously…they threw the game, didn’t they

(* Seriously, seriously?  I watched the second half using the same hiccup-heavy video-feed-crippled-by-DSL method, so I don’t know much about the game.  My guess is DC didn’t throw it.  But, damn, it’d be kinda epic if they did.) ruins historic moment

On Sports Illustrated website, this was the headline: “Beckham scores on PK in first start for Galaxy”

It was definitely a free kick. Very different.


VIDEO: Beckham gets Punk’d

English teammate Rio Ferdinand does the honors. Becks gets so pissed that he… well you’ll just have to watch.