Rapids Win, Horse of Apocalypse Hindquarters Glimpsed

Without having watched this game beyond the highlights, I can’t say much about it (though I can direct your eyes to the thoughts of some people who did: Boston Globe, Rocky Mountain News, FC Rocky, the Denver Post, MLSnet.com…that should do).  From what I saw in the highlights, though (available here), reports that the Rapids dominated this one, unlikely as they may be, seem pretty accurate.

My thoughts?  No.  No, no, no, no, no… That goes double when you read things like this:

“The win brought Colorado within two points of Columbus for the eighth playoff spot and made for an impressive first two games in their critical three-game homestand.”

Based on my understanding of Kroenke Sports Enterprise personnel policies, this second consecutive win (a streak!  well, all right) should secure Fernando Clavijo’s place on the Rapids’ bench till shortly before the Apocalypse, which, apparently, is coming soon (I think three consecutive Rapids wins is the sign immediately before or after the return of the Jewish Diaspora to the Holy Land).

A couple noteworthy injuries, though duration of which aren’t yet clear, occurred in the game: Colorado’s Dan Gargan suffered a knee injury, while New England fans may have witnessed the unwelcome return of Pat Noonan’s dodgy groin.  (Personal note: Dammit!  Dammit, dammit, dammit!)

Anyway, weird friggin’ result.  Why won’t this league sit up and make sense?

One Response

  1. Welcome to Major League Parity.

    The Revs did look awful last night. Missing Ralston something awful. And a left winger. Why does Khano Smith still have a job?

    Oh and Colin Clarke ate Jay Heaps’ breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, gatorade, before-dinner cocktails, wine with dinner, and after-dinner brandy.

    I don’t know where that team came from last night. This plus the LAG performance on Wednesday give new life to alien abduction rumors.

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