Live Blog RBNY/Los Angeles: Beckham is starting, Xavier out

Time-wasting drills are employed and the game seems to be over. It will be interesting to see how the Galaxy react to this as they are now 3-8-5 and losing steam. I’ll give you some tidbits once the press conference is over. Good stuff – see y’all later.

4 minutes of injury time announced

89′ Trusty Carlos Mendes is taking Clint Mathis out – so he can receive treatment on an unknown knock. Magee on for Altidore a minute later.

88′ WHAT THE FUCK! A huge drive from Mathis is saved wonderfully by Cannon only to trickle out for Angel to follow up. Angel – at NO angle – gets a shot on net and Cannon tries to parry it away but instead he hits it off his own body and into the net. Angel is credited for the goal and Bulls are now up 5-4!

Any comments people? David Beckham just got credited for his third assist of the game on Buddle’s gametying goal.

86′ – An Angel freekick sails just wide. Just letting people know that he’s still here.

84′ – John Wolyniec on for Dave VDBergh. Arena has opted for scrappiness to get this win does. And Wolyniec is the definition of that.

82′ – Tom Arnold is here! GOAL!!!!!!!!!!! Edson Buddle gets his revenge after a corner from David Beckham is put on frame. The first shot hit the cross bar though and bounced back to Buddle, who tucked it away. Happened too fast for Waterreus to even react. All tied up at 4. Geez. (Remember the Superliga LAG 6-5 win over Dallas? Could we be in for a crazy last 5 minutes?)

80 minutes and counting for Mr. Beckham

78′ – Another restart for Beckham and LA as Dane Richards fouls Martino 25 yards out.

76′ – The first sub Gavin Glinton is subbed off in favor of Edson Buddle – a little bit of a desire for revenge, Edson?

74′ – Yellow card for Vide as it sets up Beckham for a restart 25 yards out……queue the flashes. BLOCKED!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!

73′ – A David Beckham cross finds a Pavon foot but sails too high – but too close for comfort for Waterreus.

72′ – GOAL!!!!!!!!! The REd Bulls are still celebrating when Kevin Stott allows the Galaxy to restart the game. Landon Donovan gets the ball 20 yards and speeds by Jeff Parke, then slots it home cooly to pull the Galaxy back within one. RBNY 4, LAG 3.

71′ – GOAL!!!!!!!!!!! Jozy Altidore has just sealed the deal for Man of the Match. The 17 year old recieved the ball at the corner of the penalty box and threw a couple stepovers, dancing around the LA defense. Wow. RBNY 4, LAG 2

68′ – Clint Mathis gets a yellow for being sweet.

Luciano Emilio has just struck for his 14th of the season as DC has gone 2-0 up on Columbus. Fred has the other goal.

60′ – Yallop finally opts for that last defensive option as Kyle Veris comes in for Alan Gordon, who had a very mediocre game. Concurrently – Richards races down the field, finds Altidore through – Jozy cuts back and squares it to Van den Bergh who fires from 15 yards out. Right to Cannon.

57′ – Beckham receives the ball and dribbles into the center of the field. He then threads a text-book through ball to Donovan who out races both Stammler and Parke. They converge on him at the end (in the six) and he cuts back, trying to square it to Alan Gordon. Waterreus and Gordon race to the ball and a collision pushes the ball out of bounds.

53′ – Another Beckham free kick………flash bulbs again. BLOCKED AGAIN!!!!!!

52′ – Alert saves from Joe Cannon keep Clint Mathis and Jozy Altidore from finding the net again on two different occasions. The LA defense is starting to get real sloppy and both Beckham and Donovan have been kept relatively quiet. Still 40 minutes left though.

49′ – GOAL!! A beautiful pass from Clint Mathis springs Altidore loose. Jozy takes a couple deft touches and nestles it past Cannon and into the Galaxy’s net. It is his 6th of the season and the Bulls are back on top. All created by Mathis – I think teams play a helluva lot more attractive soccer when 60k plus are in the stands!

46′ – A foul about 25 yards out gives Beckham the opportunity he wants. BLOCKED!

Teams are coming back out, we’re ready to start the second half. No changes.

Half-time. I’m going to get a cookie.

45′ +2′ – GOAL!!!!!!!! at the close of the half, Dane Richards dances and recieves some lucky bounces but his shot is deflected, falling to Clint Mathis. Mathis – alertly volleys the ball into the top left corner making him the outright RBNY/Metro scoring leader; his 45th goal for the franchise outpacing Giovanni Saverese’s record of 44

2 minutes of injury time announced.

44′ – The Red Bulls come right back down and a curling ball from Van den Bergh finds Altidore’s head at point blank range. Altidore can’t direct past Cannon though and the parry finds safety.

43′ – Donovan recieves a great through ball from Gavin Glinton to put himself one on one with Waterreus. He evades the GK’s dive, but his angle is effectively closed down. His ensuing shot finds the outside of the net.

40′ – A square pass finds Angel at the top of the box, where he attempts to curl it powerfully to the right upper 90. The ball is tipped over nicely by Cannon.

38′ – Carlos Pavon sees Waterreus cheating off his line and fakes a cross but instead tries to lob it to the back post. Barely misses – but I think Waterreus has learned his lesson now. The chances are still coming left and right for both teams but the overall pace of the match has slowed down.

35′ – Altidore again outmuscles Harden in the box and despite shirtpulling and a possible foul, Altidore still gets a weak shot off. Nothing dangerous though…this match-up is going to prove vital throughout though.

32 ‘ – On a well-placed Red Bull restart, the ball finds Angel in an aerial battle with Cannon. Cannon deflects the ball but it falls to Dave Van den Bergh. A Van den Bergh rebound attempt is blocked near the goal line and punched out of danger.

And the booing of David Beckham by New York fans has begun.

27′ – Angel is having his way with the Galaxy defense but can’t seem to find net again. Two point blank shots miss the target.

Ante Jazic’s injury is a right ankle sprain.

21′ – Another restart for Beckham after Glinton is taken down about 35 yards out. The ball glances off of Jeff Parke’s head and goes straight to Alan Gordon who one times but Waterreus responds and parries the shot away.

20′ – The wave has started as Clint Mathis sends a well-placed weak header that barely threatens Joe Cannon.

15′ – Jazic buckles and crumples to the ground. He has to be stretchered off. Gavin Glinton comes on (17′) and moves up front while Harmse shifts to the back.

People are standing up when the play comes near them – the atmosphere is amazing.

13′ – Donovan has showed up to play – evading two Red Bull defenders and sending a shot just shy of the mark. There really is no team dominating as both teams have gone balls to the wall offensive.

10′ – Beckham is pissed after a Van den Bergh tackle on him which draws a foul. Vide tries to intervene but Beckham shakes away.

9′ – GOAL!!!!!!!!!!! A new partnership is formed between Pavon and Beckham as a LA restart is curled in by Beckham and find Pavon wide open at the back post. The Honduran dives and powers it past Waterreus (for the record, Waterreus should have had both). It is Pavon’s second goal and Beckham’s second assist. LA 2, RBNY 1. Please slow down.

6′ – GOAL!!!! Beckham gets two chances at corners. The first is cleared. The second is right onto Carlos Pavon’s head who finesses it past Ronald Waterreus into the right side netting. This game is almost too fast to keep up with! Beckham registers his first point and Pavon his first MLS goal. Slow down, dammit. LA 1, RBNY 1.

5′ – GOAL!!!!!!!!!! Juan Pablo Angel on the restart conceded by Ty Harden. The shot snuck through the wall and Cannon guessed right but he could only push it into the post and in. RBNY 1, LA 0.

4′ – a ball popped out to Jozy Altidore who outmuscled Ty Harden; while falling down Harden dragged Altidore with him prompting a swift caution from ref Kevin Stott

1′ – quick play forward and a scary moment for Joe Cannon to start the game nicely.

And we’re under way. Light bulbs still flashing.

PRE: Here they come. Starting lineups are being announced as I look down at a full press box. Nice. Amazing rendition of the national anthem – check. Flying deflated balloons – check. Non-stop camera flashes – check. Humongous crowd – check. Nice.

PRE: While waiting, just saw that Lyon has dropped yet another result – this time it’s a 2-1 loss to Lorient. The defending champs had no answer for striker Mahama Vahirua.

PRE: Field is clear and players are ready to come on. Stadium still gradually filling up. How nice of the Giants Stadium field staff to try and minimize the obviousness of the football lines. At least they’ll do it for Beckham.

PRE: Five minutes before and the stadium is half to 3/4 full. Abel Xavier is out – no reason as of yet, but expect the Galaxy defense to be tested early and often. Chris Klein will try his hand at right back and Jazic will push into the middle, while Mike Randolph – who has started the Galaxy’s past two matches (his first two starts for the team) – will take Jazic’s place at left back

PRE: Line-ups below. Looks like Donovan will start on the right, but expect him to operate at times as a third forward. Joe Vide and Clint Mathis will start the game in the middle – Reyna is on the bench still nursing that groin strain suffered against Toronto.

In the press box and Beckham is starting. It is also the first time ever I could hear the crowd from the press box. The starting line-ups look like this:

Red Bull New York


GK: Ronald Waterreus

Defenders: Hunter Freeman, Seth Stammler, Jeff Parke, Chris Leitch
Midfielders: Dane Richards, Clint Mathis, Joe Vide, Dave Van den Bergh
Forwards: Jozy Altidore, Juan Pablo Angel

Substitutes: Claudio Reyna, Jon Conway, Kevin Goldthwaite, Carlos Mendes, Sinisa Ubiparipovic, Mike Magee, John Wolyniec

Los Angeles Galaxy


GK: Joe Cannon

Defenders: Chris Klein, Ty Harden, Ante Jazic, Mike Randolph
Midfielders: Landon Donovan, Kevin Harmse, David Beckham, Kyle Martino
Forwards: Alan Gordon, Carlos Pavon

Substitutes: Pete Vagenas, Edson Buddle, Cobi Jones, Steve Cronin, Kyle Veris, Josh Tudela, Gavin Glinton

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’m in England and it was the only place I could find it reported live.

  2. Great to see the NY fans back their team as opposed to backing just Beckham. Interesting game … very similar to the Superliga LAG vs. FCD game 2 weeks ago. I’m not sure that a 9-goal game can be called “good”, but it was entertaining.

    Jozy Altidore … what a future this kid has. I’m glad I got to see him in MLS before he jets off to Europe.

  3. Great game! Great soccer? No, but great individual efforts and great excitement. Tell
    Arena to leave Mathis on the field. Richards, Altidore, Angel, Mathis- who do you give man of the match to? Reyna is no longer effective. . Thanks for the play by play.

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