RBNY 5-4 LA Galaxy – And I’m Still Kicking…

OK, let’s just say that drinking games work far better when there are people around to keep one honest.  By way of final tally, the second half (apparently) featured 42 utterances of “Beckham,” which translated into 2 and, oh, 1/3 12-oz. beers consumed.  So, all in all, a liver crushing hour-and-a-half (to the tune of 72 oz. of beer consumed in 1 1/2 hours).

For the record, I’m actually typing, as opposed to hunting-and-pecking, which means we’ve got a viable drinking game on our hands here, people.

So, OK, here’s the deal: I very rarely make the effort of writing notes during the game, but, due to the need to keep a tally of “Beckham” mentions, I did so tonight.  As such, below you’ll find a verbatim recording of the notes I took – plus, to correct the record, any “post-writing” mental corrections I made,which will appear in parentheses were needed (or required for the sake of my ego)…for the record, these start with the need to interpret my notes, which are borderline illegible.   Here goes:

– Cannon’s facial hair (as I mentioned earlier, it was disgusting).

– Cleaned football lines (good to see they took out all the stops for The Event).

– Becks behind the play (by which I meant, I like the way Beckham sits back and looks for openings to exploit).

– Mathis on the (potential) early red.  (when Ty Harden tripped Jozy Altidore on his way through; he was lucky to not be sent off, particulary with Mathis barking at the ref.)

– Angel’s goal (on the free-kick) brilliant grounder.

– crazy fucking equalizer; turned around in a minute.

– LA can’t defend set plays.

– Beck’s (that’s David Beckham’s) ankle in the 7th minute (turned out to be a foot stomp; Becks went the full 90.)

– Love the booing of Beckham.

stunning atmosphere (great noise).

– Joe Cannon saves their (i.e. LA’s) ASSES.

– Beckham’s 51st minute screw-up; Mathis near-miss, the chatter that followed; a “Kyle Martino” kind of mistake by Beckham.

– Mathis got screwed v. Randolph (truth to tell, I don’t remember the incident I was recording here; happened around the 54th minute, but I don’t remember it.)

– I’m not seeing Waterreus (as a clearly better ‘keeper than Jon Conway; seriously)

– Best duel of the night: Mike Randolph versus Dane Richards.  (Friggin’ magic and fun, all night long).

– 65th minute: Beckham crapped out, touches crappy (the Brit went through a bad spell here, where every ball was too clever and, for that reason, failed).

– Martino has had a good game; Pavon too (goals aside, he had some great moments).

– Donovan: fun to fucking watch: SHUT UP AMERICA!!

– Beckham’s crosses and set-pieces dangerous (I know, I know: DUH!)

– Alitdore: revising opinion; incredible talent-incredible.  It’s the knowledge of the game that’s needed (this came after he scored his second goal.)

– Donovan and Beckham: going to seriously fuck up the league.

– Tom ARNOLD!!

– This is nuts!! (Don’t know what I meant by that; could be me commenting on the score; in fact, I think that’s it.)

– The beauty of Altidore: once a team keys on Angel, Altidore has more than enough to screw them.

– 87th minute: Donovan save, very, very good (the flick-header he used to clear the ball out of LA’s area).

– Is Red Bull fer real?  I still don’t know.  (This came after the scored the winner; here’s the deal: one can’t get stoked about impressive wins after dubbing LA a shitty team in the previous breath because, y’know, beating a shitty team is beating a shitty team).

–  Where was Carlos Mendes the whole game? (particularly in a game where New York gave up four).

– Yay!  Mike Magee!  (Yeah, let’s rock this old school, baby.)

OK, that’s all I’ve got.  I will, no doubt, read this in the morning and regret it.

2 Responses

  1. Mendes is working his way back from injury, but unless NY learns how to defend on set pieces (gave up 3 goals last night), they’re no MLS Cup threat. An amazing atmosphere at the swamp last night. Let’s see how many return on 9/1 for Chicago.

  2. Crap. So, as I re-read this post, as well as Mr. Fish’s comments, I found a rather significant typo; it should read “RED BULL cannot defend set-plays.” Honestly. If I could scan my notes (yeah, I know: technologically, this is possible, but it’s also beyond my competence and hardware set-up), you’d say it literally reads: “NY can’t defend set-plays.” And the word “can’t” is underlined. Honest.

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