Tainted Challenge; Good Game

To my considerable regret, I have to confess that circumstances have tainted the Beckham Challenge.  The sad reality is, I’m the responsible party, at this point, for a three-year-old – one that happened to wet the bed during a nap around, oh, the 32nd minute.

Given that difficulty (not to mention the need to wrap up dinner during the game’s earliest minutes), keeping a strictly accurate count of the number of times the broadcast team uttered the word (name?) “Beckham” proved impossible.  But, taking “make-ups” (imperfect assumptions about the number of times “Beckham” was said while I was, say, removing the sheets from the bed, wiping butt, etc.) into account, I can report the Beckham Challenge has produced the following:

NUMBER OF “BECKHAMS”: 66, with a (roughly) +/- 6

OUNCES OF BEER CONSUMED: 44  (2 16-oz.; 1 12-oz.)

Through the experiment, though, I’ve learned a few things:

– When Beckham isn’t the focal point of action, the commentators do, in fact, speak His name less often.  In reality, Beckham hit a bit of dry patch from about the 20th to the 35th minute.  This actually speaks well of the commentating team: it means they’re actually calling the game as it unfolds…not bad.

– An interesting control experiment could be carried out by some intrepid soul by checking the number of times the broadcast team says “Donovan” for instance.  Informal observations suggest that game would leave a body in a World of  Hurt as well.

Stupid experiments aside, this has been a fun game to watch. And somewhat educational as well.  To begin, how ’bout that Clint Mathis equalizer?  Friggin’ killer, that one.  And Joe Cannon in net?  Out of his skin and standing on his head, I tell you (though the facial hair creeps me out with that Sci-Fi Channel actor/sex pervert kind of way). And Beckham  does look pretty sharp – even if I applaud New Yorkers for booing him.  It’s not just the assists, but the “calming influence” to which Christopher Sullivan referred (how’s that for grammatical correctness?  What can I say?  I’m high functioning).  As for Red Bull, I think it’s fair to call Juan Pablo Angel the focus of their attack; Josmer Altidore is in there, and he’s done a thing or two exceedingly well (including getting screwed on that point-blank header), but, as I’m seeing it, he’s the bonus package.

Anyway, with the Beckham Challenge looking to continue through the second half, it’s pretty likely I won’t get to a recap till tomorrow.  With the daughter again asleep, I’m planning on continuing the Beckham Challenge through the second half.  At this point, I’m planning on typing out the final numbers, even if that means hunting and pecking.

Still, good game.  Glad I tuned in.  If you want to actually know what happens, check Breton’s stuff; I’m sure it’s better.

Ah crap.  They’re on again and they’ve already said “Beckham” five times.


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  1. […] a very hard time wrapping my brain around this game last night. And I wasn’t even playing Jeff’s Beckham drinking game. (Although if I’m being honest I will have to admit that this was probably due more to lack […]

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