Daily Sweeper*, 08.21: Dynamo Revival, Soccer Pics (or links to ’em)

* With the low, low premium I put on being timely, I’m in the process of readjusting how I work the daily dump I used to call MLS Newswire. I figure it’s what you know, not when you know it, right? (This isn’t the freakin’ stock market, after all.) So, look for this feature/item toward the end of the day. The hope is to catch some detail items that others might have missed (though probably not).

Where to begin? With wonderful, disturbing photos of David Beckham’s warm-up routine (at least that’s what I think it is)? The latest from Diego Maradona (holy shit! Elvis is back in the building and he ate the table under the buffet!  Sorry…cruel, cruel joke.  Still…) The apparent resurrection/reworking of MLSnet.com’s Newsstand (’bout time, guys).

All of that and none of that, really.

– Tucked into the middle of his ever-useful analysis of the past weekend’s action, Steve Davis says without saying that the Houston Dynamo has, once again, retained “El Capitan” (he also gets in a bang-up point that the injured left side of the Dynamo midfield is hurting offensive production, among other items). One take-away from this could be that Houston simply has FC Dallas’ number. Or do they? The FC Dallas Offside looks at the reasons why Dallas fans don’t need to pray that they miss the Dynamo in the post-season. On a related note, expect a well-rested Houston for the playoffs…dammit.

– While we’re all still recovering from, and carefully dissecting this past weekend’s “instant classic” (it’s OK; we can say this) between Red Bull New York and the Los Angeles Galaxy, a couple under-mentioned details deserve notice. First, it’s not often a ref deserves credit for blowing a call, but, as Paul Gardner pointed out in his review for the New York Sun:

“[Referee Kevin] Stott should have ejected Harden, but chose only to caution him. A wrong call, but perversely the right call, as it avoided an unbalanced 11-player vs. 10-player game for the next 87 minutes.”

Another good bit appeared in Ives Galarcep’s near-plea for Red Bull management to build on the event:

“The crowd had its Beckham fans, and yes, it did have some people who had no clue what they were watching, but the majority of the fans in attendance were real soccer fans. All you had to do was listen to the crowd during the match. It wasn’t just the stunning goals that drew the roars and cheers. Whether it was a quality through-pass, clutch tackle or good save, the crowd appreciated every good play, and you heard it each time. That was a by-product of soccer-savvy fans watching a good game.”

I heard ’em Ives. I heard ’em.

– Finally, and, so far as I’m concerned, we don’t get things like this often enough, Frank Dell’Appa deconstructed the goal that gave New England the win over KC:

“A lot went into Twellman’s goal. Andy Dorman made a tough challenge to win the ball from Jimmy Conrad in the center circle. Shalrie Joseph had to very quickly and deftly thread the ball with the outside of his foot into the space Conrad had occupied. Khano Smith had to read Joseph’s pass, then choose to attempt to shoot past goalkeeper Kevin Hartman or send the ball from the left side of the penalty area across the goal area. And Twellman had to make a 30-yard run, timing it to be able to make a full-stretch slide onto a ball bouncing at about 60 miles per hour and with a narrow margin for error as Hartman and defender Nick Garcia took away angles.”

That gave me a little greater appreciation for the moment, anyway. All for today.


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