MLS Week 20 Power Rankings

To start with a question, is my once-employed “Perspecto-Scope” basically power rankings SANS bullet points? As the originator of that fine, Frank-Castle-esque concept, I’m naturally resistant to the idea. But, by forgoing hard-and-fast numbers, the Perspecto-Scope introduces some welcome flexibility and subtlety in analyzing what’s going on with the each of the 13 teams in Major League Soccer (MLS).

Why do I ask? Due to some practical restraints, the quick turn-around between the Sunday that ended Week 20 and the Wednesday that will kick off Week 21 means that I’ve got to choose either the power rankings OR the Perspecto-Scope. It’s no contest, really: my addiction to collective rankings compels the choice (yes, master). So, no Perspecto-Scope this week, but Week 20’s power rankings will follow. (Enjoy the current standings, as well.)

As always, each team’s ranking from the previous week appears in parentheses after the current week’s. And, if you hit the links, you might get the impression I view the schedule as the ultimate source of wisdom…that’s not far wrong.

1. (1) DC United
Getting consistent in league play (“Superliga!”…cough, cough…) just as the rest of the “contenders” go wobbly to varying degrees. DC is on a three-game winning streak against respectable(-ish) opposition (New England (good), Crew (decent…well, used to be), LA (um….)).

2. (3) New England Revolution
Doing well enough through a busy patch; I like to think of their success as “Baseball-esque” – i.e. they get enough points to remain in the hunt. Too bad they can’t play Kansas City every week.

3. (2)FC Dallas
A tough call to make, especially given this past weekend’s loss to the team below: view this as better success over time trumping one team having the other’s number; Dallas has had the better recent run. Still, they’re going to want to think of a way to beat Houston…or how to get someone else to do it.

4. (4)Houston Dynamo
The Dynamo have gone 4-2-2 in league play since July. So, why put them last in the Top 4, especially after the TKOB (Elvis!) win over Dallas this weekend? They started July 3-0-0, which yields a 1-2-2 since then. They’re struggling to score again.

5. (5) Chivas USA
Apart from a loss to KC a little ways back, Chivas started a quiet (as in three-game) August right. September looks like the proving ground for these cats, but so many of those happen at home where they’re wicked strong.

6. (7) Red Bull New York
Red Bull officially passed the “Marginal Playoff Team” torch to the teams below. Without me noticing, they have enjoyed a decent run since the All-Star, even if against weak-ish teams (DC excepted). Even so, watching Mathis, Altidore, and Angel top LA in a war was a hoot.

7. (9) Chicago Fire
Came from the outside in this week, but not without cause: the Fire haven’t lost since the All-Star. The opposition hasn’t been the sternest (TFC, RSL), but, as with Red Bull, winning the games you should count for something. HUGE two-game series against KC coming up, complete with the chance to leap-frog them in the standings. I ranked the Fire here, ‘cause I think they’ll do it.

8. (6) Columbus Crew

First rule of drug-dealing: don’t take the merchandise. The same rule applies when you’re making your own Kool-Aid, as I did with the Crew; bad things happen when you drink it. The reality is, these guys haven’t won in a month (well, almost).

9. (8) Kansas City Wizards
The problems only begin with the back-to-back losses to New England. The real one? Having “racked up” just three wins since June, KC just plays patchy soccer. The series against Fire will decide between scrapping for points in September or playing from strength.

10. (11) Colorado Rapids
Hello, weird mini-revival. Had I not just checked, I would never have believed the Rapids are 2-1-1 over their past four. With two of those wins coming against two of my top four, the Rapids might have figured things out (or they benefited by playing exhausted opponents). Definitely a team to watch…awful as that sounds…

11. (13) Los Angeles Galaxy
In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is king. See below. (Oh heck, I’ll explain that one: LA is the king of the cellar ‘cause the other guys suck more.)

12. (10) Toronto FC
How – oh, how? – did I keep these guys high as I did for so long? They last picked up points (actually, a point) on August 5; all around that lone tie, one sees nothing but “Ls.” That “T” is like a small rise surrounded by flood water.

13. (12) Real Salt Lake
When the “Happy Times” are specific dates – June 23 and August 4, for instance – as opposed to, say, moments in time like a week or, god forbid, a month, you are the Mayor of A World of Shit. These guys are 8 points behind TF-friggin’-C. At least LA shows signs off life; dogs are feasting on the corpse that was RSL.

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