Why LA Has to Start Winning

Short as this post will be, the subject matter demands the attention only a stand-alone post can provide.

As the title says, LA needs to start winning – and not to spare Major League Soccer’s (MLS) reputation against assaults by mysteriously smug English pundits; I mean, I’ve seen the Premier League and, yeah, it’s better, but in terms of quality…refer to the line about throwing stones in glass houses. This has more to do with the subtle mechanics of sporting antipathy, something I’ll need Climbing the Ladder’s (CtL) entirely excellent MLS Overall Positions Table to fully explain.

I hate two MLS teams above all others: DC United and the Los Angeles Galaxy.  If you turn to CtL’s table, something out to jump out about both teams: DC has finished in the top half of the regular season standings seven of eleven times, while LA has done so eight of eleven times.  Put another way, both teams are good more often than not.  The trouble is, LA is, for the second (if not the third; 2005 was hardly an annus mirabilis) straight year underachieving.

Why is this a problem?  After games and years beyond counting of celebrating every LA loss, the current season – and, more particularly, this latest run of form (e.g. three straight losses in the league) – I’m experiencing a feelings of pity.  Pity!  For LA!!  That ain’t right.  I mean, DC is still doing what I need them to – e.g. winning till the end of the regular season than promptly succumbing in the playoffs….when it’s so, so sweet to seem lose lose (puke and cry, Ben Olsen!  Puke and cry!!) But watching LA these days recalls watching an old alpha slump off, bleeding and tired, into the woods to die.  I know that’s not going to happen, but, damn.  Some primal sensation responds to that and, in spite of myself, some part of me that pulls for just a little relief (Superliga?).  On many levels, I hate this sensation; if I can find the small part of me that quietly pulls for LA, I’m going to cut the fucker out.

Anyway, that’s just my take.  The Offside Rules offered reasons to celebrate the current incarnation of LA – and it’s not a bad one.

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