Daily Sweeper, 08.22: Trouble for TFC; DP for FCD

– Looks like Toronto FC will lose Ronnie O’Brien and Jeff Cunningham for the rest of the season. If this doesn’t effectively end their participation for the 2007 season, I don’t know what will short of the earth opening up during practice. As one might assume, the locals aren’t too thrilled about this.

– Was I alone in thinking that soccer-specific stadiums were supposed to solve MLS’s scheduling problems? What the hell are students doing studying on a Wednesday anyway? The best happy hours happened mid-week where I (sort of) attended college. Anyway, limiting the seating for the Superliga final (pitting the LA Galaxy against Mexico’s CF Pachuca…wait…do you hear the bleating of sheep being led to the slaughter?) not only makes that sound less “super, it sounds so goddam amateur hour.

– Thanks to The Offside Rules for feeding my cravings for rumor: could Denilson still wind up with FC Dallas? Do the locals even want him? Oh, and you may also notice talk of Shaka Hislop’s retirement in TOR’s link.

– Regular readers of du Nord know that Bruce McGuire, who runs the site, reads an incredible amount of crap about soccer on a daily basis. Turns out he can write a bit as well, as readers of the vacationing Luis Arroyave’s Red Card blog now know. Filling in as guest blogger McGuire builds a damn good MLS All-Star team (scroll down…there’s a lot to get past) and also forwards some provocative playoff picks…once he gets past the gimmes (e.g. I love his second-choice selections…bold, spicy, plausible). My only gripe: he didn’t plug Center Holds It. We need love too!

– Speaking of du Nord, he got a gallery of baby/toddler/youth photos of famous players. Most of these guys are genetic misfits in that they’re preternaturally good-looking (and that’s on top of possessing mad skillz…the bastards), but, thankfully, a few holdouts did their unintentional bit to make us slobs out here feel better. The ones that jumped out at me: Thierry Henry looks like a Mon-chi-chi (sp?), but in a good way; Andrea Pirlo has that haunted look often seen in bully-fodder; but first prize goes to Zinedine Zidane who, as a youth, looks like he stared fires…maybe that head-butt wasn’t so surprising….


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  1. Robinho’s picture looks like it was taken yesterday. Does Ronaldinho ever not smile? Love that guy!

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