The SuperClasico: Kicking His Majesty

 Though I was otherwise occupied last night, I did catch the highlights for this one last night. Wow, what a result! 3-0 to Chivas USA: a rough, involuntary proctological exam given by the Home Depot Center’s “junior tenants” to an increasingly desperate LA Galaxy. I do have a thought or two, but will begin – and this is with all due and sincerest apologies to LA Galaxy fans – ahem…ha, ha ha ha ha! Oh, sorry. Very sorry. But…holy ouch! That must be demoralizing.Turning from gloating to game, some nice goals came out of this one – thank you, Maykel Galindo (honorable mention to Francisco Mendoza’s) – but the thing that really stuck with me was Jesse Marsch’s ruthless kick to David Beckham’s mid-section. What the hell was that? I see Kevin Harmse and Alex Zotinca got chucked for their part in the brawl that ensued, but I’m not seeing Marsch’s wild, miles-from-ball lunge as anything less than a red card offense. And, yes, there’s that little evil part of me gleeful that Beckham finally got that cheap-shot “welcome to the league” that I always knew he’d get, but it was still a shitty foul. Furthermore, tough as Marsch is, I didn’t peg him as a natural for the welcoming committee. Interesting…

Any wagers on the size of the fine heading Mr. Marsch’s way?

UPDATE: Judging by the three, four articles I’ve so far read, mine stands as a minority view on the severity of Marsch’s foul.  The fullest explanation of the incident I’ve so far seen appeared in an Associated Press write-up run on Sports Illustrated’s site.  Here’s the key excerpt:

“Marsch came running up behind Beckham and applied a high kick to the Galaxy captain’s upper right hip during injury time at the end of the first half of the Major League Soccer game.”

“‘He kind of got a piece of me the play before that and so it was somewhat of a retaliation, somewhat of a tactical foul because he was on the break,’ Marsch said. ‘It was harder than I would have liked it to have been. I apologized to him and I told him I respect what he’s about. He was kind of dumb with me though.'”

Well, there’s one side of the story, anyway.  Even if the kick went to the “upper right hip” instead of the belly, as I saw it (stupid Lite beer…), Marsch missed the ball by a mile.  But getting kicked is part of the game, right?  So, I’m revising my thinking a bit: cynical twice-over as the foul was, I’d be at least mildly surprised if Marsch got fined.

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  1. I am absolutely shocked as well that you are the only one that seems to be reporting this. I thought that the ref completely jobbed the Galaxy and basically gave the game to Chivas in that exchange. Since you didn’t see the game I will just tell you that Harmse basically got a Red card for getting head-butted in the face and falling to the ground. Also, Marsch’s tackle was very much a Red-Card offense as it was basically a cheap shot for what he felt was an earlier missed call. So while Chivas should have been down two men, instead it was 10 on 10 the rest of the way.

    Now, with all that said, the Gals still looked pathetic and as it was very much deserved to lose but it would have been much different to see how that game turned out if the ref had made the obviously correct call there. Up until that confrontation the game was fairly even and scoreless if I remember right. Also just as an aside, I am not really a fan of either team but I do have a dislike for Chivas because of the exact kinda things that you saw in the game last night. I think they are a dirty, flopping bunch of cry babies that are a disgrace to this beautiful game and they showed their real class last night. Too bad for MLS that the officiating is so poor that the game is completely corrupted.

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