Antonio Puerta has passed away

Antonio Jose Puerta Perez

November 26, 1984-August 28, 2007

Sevilla’s Antonio Puerta has passed away at 2:30 local Spanish time on Tuesday in Sevilla’s Virgin del Rocio hospital.A statement from the hospital reads as follows.

‘We regret to report that the patient Antonio Puerta died at 1430 (1230 GMT) today. The death was caused by postanoxic encephalopathy and a multiple failure of his organs caused by the prolonged cardiac arrest that provoked his admission to hospital,’

In keeping with Spanish cultural traditions, the burial will take place at 2:00 Spanish time on Wednesday. In Spanish culture, bodies are buried within 48 hours of death, but most usually taking place within 24 hours.

‘Today is one of the saddest days in the history of Sevilla Football Club,’ A tearful Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido told reporters.

‘That diamond left foot of Antonio Puerta’s has left us, that left foot that changed our lives has left us’

Sevilla were slated to play AEK Athens in the return-leg of the Champions League 3rd Round qualifiers today, but that game has been canceled and will be postponed.

However, Friday’s European Super Cup will go on but the game will be a tribute to the life of Antonio Puerta. Milan are prepared to cancel the game if necessary, but I see the game going on as planned as it would be a fitting tribute to Puerta and all he stood for.

Sevilla FC said in a statement,

“estará amortajado con una bandera del Sevilla, y también se colocará una bandera de España, que simbolizará su internacionalidad, y, a sus pies, todos los títulos que conquistó con el equipo que amó desde que tuvo uso de conciencia”,

Descanse en paz Antonio Puerta y bendito sea.

Es por eso que hoy vengo a verte…Sevillista sere hasta la muerte.


5 Responses

  1. Very sad story. Thanks for keeping current with it.

    22 is so damned young.

  2. Now it’s Clive Clarke of Leicester City who has collapsed in the locker-room at halftime of the 2nd Rd Carling Cup matchup between City and Nottm Forest…no word as to why, but they did abandon the matchup

    what’s going on?

  3. I’m a Sevilla fan, and I’m completely brokenhearted because of the death of Antonio Puerta. Antonio, we will always remember you. As our president José María Del Nido said, from now onward Sevilla will always have 12 players on the pitch. Rest in peace.

    Álvaro (Sevilla-SPAIN)

  4. antonio siempre estaremos contigo

  5. pueta siempre estaras en el corazon de los sebillistas y de tus familiares ,amigos todos te echamos de menos y te querian mucho tus padre s tu nobia y tu hijo fayeciste como un campeon y me gutaban un monton los goles que le dedicaste a tu hijo te echaremos de menos todos EN NUESTRO CORAZON ANTONIO PUETA PARA SIEMPRE DEL SEBILLA

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