Daily Sweeper, 08.28: Plenderleith Rains on Parade; Alexi Speaks, Doesn’t Make Sense

Some days I understand why Brucio from du Nord just goes wacky with the links.  There’s a hell of a lot out there.

– Ian Plenderleith closed his FC Dallas celebration for USSoccerplayers.com by (merrily?) grumbling about last week’s Wunder Rumor about Frank Yallop stepping down and Jurgen Klinsmann stepping in to save the LA Galaxy.  Now, I can’t even remember what I wrote any more (here it is, moron), but, I really doubt I underlined the “rumor” nature of the item.  For the record, though, I didn’t think this one would come together – at least the piece with Klinsmann.  For me, it was just fun, fun, fun; an opportunity to dump more silly abuse on Alexi Lalas and much, much more.  And that’s what rumors in soccer are: fun.  Dammit.

Wild speculation and unsupported rumors make me feel like I’m following a grown-up league.  Think of the English press.

– Speaking of Alexi “The Gift That Keeps On Giving” Lalas, he threw out a priceless quote about the Los Angeles Galaxy’s schedule (from the LA Galaxy Offside):

“We have bent over backwards to help everybody but the Galaxy. A lot of people have made a tremendous amount of money on the back of what the Galaxy, with David, has brought to their markets this year and I hope that they remember that. The travelling, the number of games, the lack of consistent scheduling – no other team has had to put up with that.”

Where is he going with this?  It reads as if he’s saying each of the MLS teams that benefited from a Beckham-inspired game-day gate should hand the Galaxy, say, a point, maybe two.  While I know he’s probably looking to getting some breaks next season, it’s more fun to view this as a caged-animal kind of quote and to take the quote as I read it.  The Offside Rules had fun with this one as well.

– KC might – or might not – have found a new home for the 2008 season.  Here’s a look from the outfield….by which phrasing I am, in fact, informing you that one possibility for a home includes sharing a pad with the local minor league team.  So, it’s tiny and baseball-filled, but do note they intend to announce progress on a soccer-specific home for the Wizards when they announce next year’s venue.

– Working along a vein similar to the one with which I closed this week’s power rankings, Red Bull Rising offers a high-quality snapshot look at the playoff picture.  He one-ups me by noting some significant games down the line (oh yeah…well, I one-up him by offering a more detailed look at the relative current fortunes for the bubble teams…so…so there!).  Oh, and if the opinions of two random dudes separated by a continent constitutes conventional wisdom, our breakdowns, in terms of which teams fall into which group, match perfectly.

– By way of closing, I want to commend RSLFM for the image that tops today’s post (the content ain’t bad, either).  Wish I had the savvy to do that kind of stuff.

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