Power Rankings: Join the Fun (and why I’m such a wally)

No offense intended to anyone out there who goes by “Wally” – though you should really consider “Walt.”

As regular readers of this site know, I roll together all the power rankings I can find every week and average out the scores to produce “collective rankings” (example from Week 20) Most the material I use comes from other bloggers and a few of the national soccer outlets – e.g. ESPN, Fox Soccer, Sports Illustrated, etc. That’s just by coincidence, though. As the season has progressed, the numbers of pundits in my sample has been shrinking, something I feel limits the amount and diversity of opinion going into the numbers.

It took a commenter to point out that it doesn’t have to be this way. Today, or last night, a guy named Mark in NRH posted his power rankings at the end of my power rankings for this week and that’s when it hit me: why not ask visitors to the site to load up the comments with power rankings of their own? Assuming that works, and I have no reason for thinking it will, I’ll grow the sample and, by translation, the wisdom going into the collective rankings. Yippee!!

So, here’s your invite: at the bottom of this post, pass on your power rankings and I’ll roll them into this week’s collective rankings; Mark in NRH is already being lumped in whether he knows it or not. If you run a site of your own, just provide a link; if you’re just commenting, drop ’em in below. And there’s no need to be shy about justifying your choices; no one will be penalized for length. There is, however, one rule: clearly bogus rankings – and, here, I’m talking about someone ranking Real Salt Lake #1 – won’t be included. That said, I do intend to be very open with the entries; in other words, barely plausible will fly.

Have it: tell Center Holds It how you think Major League Soccer’s 13 clubs stack up. And, um, there is no prize. (Dude, I’m broke.)


2 Responses

  1. Okay, what the hell. Not sure if I’ll do it every time, but here goes:
    1- DCU: I don’t want to do this. All sorts of bad mojo, but results are results.
    2- New England: The most consistent team all season.
    3 – CD Chivas USA: Really, they’re stockpiling points in a way that totally surprised me, and they look good.
    4 – Dallas: That early lead has faded, but they are still for real.
    5 – Houston: Possibly the most overcredited team in the league right now. They have four games with RSL and LA coming up, which will help, but the results aren’t quite there for them.
    6- New York: Fading at the wrong time.
    7 – Kansas City: Fading worse at the wrong time.
    8 – Chicago: Probably the team most likely to make a run at moving up the standings, with Rolfe returning and the team clicking now.
    9 – Colorado: Winning is good, but if it saves Clavijo it may be the worst thing that happened to the rapids.
    10 – Columbus: A team that could surprise anyone in the league on any given game, it ‘s just more likely that they won’t.
    11 – LA: Could fall farther. I think that’s the amazing thing.
    12 – Toronto: Expansion teams have an excuse.
    13 – RSL: I just don’t get it.

  2. Hey, D. I’ll take once if that’s what you’re up for.

    Like the comment on Colorado, by the way, the stuff about Clavijo.

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