Daily Sweeper, 08.31: Refunds, Superliga, and Priorities

– With David Beckham laid up for what looks like a really long time, people – notably those who bought tickets at “enhanced rates” to see Beckham – are rightly mulling what it means for the rest of the season’s games featuring an LA Galaxy road-show absent the main attraction. Major League Soccer’s (MLS) officials have held a no refund policy thus far, but a couple people wonder if that’s such a swell idea (hat-tip: du Nord) – even if they agree, as the RSLFM Report does, with the “no refund” concept itself. Here’s what the RSLFM Report suggests as counter-proposals:

“MLS and/or RSL should replicate a form of its own consolation policy created after the cancelled-fireworks on Pioneer Day. Then, ticket holders were offered special vouchers for $5 tickets to the next RSL home match. Although a token, the small gesture was appreciated by many people.”

“An even better solution would be a special Beckham speaking/meet & greet tour.”

Now, this could be a personal preference talking, but I wouldn’t show to a free Beckham event if him talking was the only event on the schedule; so, count me against the second proposal. The first, though, I can see.

On the other hand, I’m not so squeamish about refunding money, but I’d handle it in two parts. First, I would refund the difference between regular admission and “Beckham Admission.” Part two comes with saying, “This special pricing crap will never happen again….at least not till our product is big enough to allow us to jerk around all-comers.” Then again, I found the price-gouging distasteful from the get-go. Yeah, I get why it’s done – e.g. people will, and did, pay – but, I think the guy who wrote the (quite good) piece behind the first link (under, “wonder if that’s such a swell idea”) has it right: MLS just isn’t big enough to piss off/alienate anyone.

– The Superliga may be gone, but we’re still picking through its scat. I’ll start with the quick link: Laurie, of the LA Galaxy Offside, handed out awards to her LA Galaxy; the award for Pete Vanegas is priceless. Moving up in formality, though never quality, Andrea Canales did a big-picture look back for USSoccerplayers.com, where she slipped these gems:

“That a player on a team [CF Pachuca] already holding four prestigious titles would stress how vital winning this upstart tournament was says a lot about how SuperLiga captured the imagination of the Spanish-speaking audience MLS has often tried and failed to reach. It’s almost as if the league threw up its hands about Hispanic fans and decided, “OK, we can’t get them to cheer for MLS much — let’s set up a tournament and make money off them cheering against us.”

Dang it…can’t lay hands on the other gem. But I think she’s half-correct about Mexican fans, even if it’s the larger half (I’m not trying to make sense…leave me alone). The thing is, the timing gap between the leagues – e.g. MLS is smack in the middle of its season while the Mexican Primera takes its biggest break – opens up the possibility that Mexican fans who were exposed to MLS through the Superliga may embrace the U.S. league as Primera methadone. Speaking for myself, I’m more interested in the Primera this year than I ever have been before; in fact, I’m planning on making Mexico my methadone for the MLS off-season. This is by no means automatic, but, it’s also possible MLS can pull off a back-door courtship…hopefully, it’ll prove more successful than that attempt in the Minneapolis airport (sorry…it came to me and I couldn’t resist).

– Finally, The Offside Rules linked to a fairly clever Youtube bit, one about soccer and priorities. It should be shared. And, yeah, the dude in the video is functionally retarded.

2 Responses

  1. You have no idea how proud it makes me to top your list of SuperLiga scat pickers. I think I’ll put it on my resume.

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