MLS Week 22 Power Rankings: The End Is Near…and that matters

Something – perhaps rumors that the 2007 regular season will one day end – has me thinking of the rankings differently this week; I blame the article I read yesterday telling me the Houston Dynamo has only six games remaining. Fresh concerns about fundamentals and personnel – e.g. the quality of the defense or the presence of a “difference-maker” on a roster, crucially, one well integrated into the team – now creep into the picture on the theory that the time to get things right was yesterday.

Well, at least that’s what I’m telling myself as I pull these things out of my butt. Here goes…

1. (1) DC United
A no-brainer to me. The defense is settling, the offense is scoring, and the general timing of both phenomena is impeccable.

2. (3) New England Revolution
Some part of me hates my team, probably the part that expects them to slip. But they’re also as fundamentally sound as any team below them…which is kinda the same as being good, right? Provided “good” doesn’t necessarily imply watchable…

3. (2) FC Dallas
I’m going to take a chance and chalk up the car-wreck against DC to a bad day. Call this the most contingent of my rankings; one can question what the scale of that loss means, but there’s no denying DC highlighted Dallas’ weakness.

4. (4) Chivas USA
Yes, I’m on the Goat Bandwagon. Results are results and Chivas is getting them.

5. (5) Houston Dynamo
One can interpret Houston’s offensive issues a number of ways and one can believe the return of this player or that will fix them, but one can’t deny their existence. The games in hand held by their most immediate rivals loom large.

6. (8) Red Bull New York
Even with everything about this team feeling chancy – e.g. their defense pressures high, which means a better team than Chicago might have beat them; their offense has trouble with penetration – they look better than what comes below.

7. (7) Colorado Rapids
Doing their own thing and, once again, it looks like it may pay off. Conor Casey getting his MLS legs could amount to finding the missing piece.

8. (10) Kansas City Wizards
They looked the better team against Houston and that was on the road. But, honestly, I ranked them here because, for the first time in my MLS-fan life, I want the Wizards to make the playoffs. At least they want to be entertaining.

9. (6) Chicago Fire
I finally saw the new-look Chicago and can’t say they impressed me. Parts work all right and they look as good or better than those below…but I’m not there yet.

10. (9) Columbus Crew
Closing the deal matters and Columbus isn’t doing it.

11. (12) Real Salt Lake
I pull for these guys like I pull for three-legged dogs. And like a three-legged dog, RSL isn’t totally useless. Given their history ending the season as spoilers might not be so bad.

12. (11) Toronto FC
The MLS team I’m most likely to forget in conversation, but they enjoyed a competent(-ish) expansion year.

13. (13) Los Angeles Galaxy
With all due respect to Landon Donovan, this is a bad team. If RSL is a three-legged dog, LA is a quadriplegic one…and all that cats are pointing and laughing.

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