Post Your Power Rankings – here

I need them.  To make my Major League Soccer (MLS) collective rankings.  The more power rankings I get from all y’all the merrier.

If you post ranking on your own site, just drop in a link and I’ll roll ’em in with the rest.  If you don’t – or if you don’t have your own site (what?!) – just post your rankings in the comments below…and babble all you want.  Don’t cost nothin’…

4 Responses

  1. Why, thanks. (Though, confidentially, I already got those…I’m a daily reader…nice work over there. Who Ate All the Cupcakes is Center Holds It recommended reading.)

  2. Appreciate, same goes for your site here. I decided to take a stab at the rankings this time around, usually El Guero handles that sort of thing. I think he’s still in shock from the Silverbacks big win on Saturday night.

  3. Okay, no real changes, but here goes:
    1 – DC
    2 – Revs
    3 – Chivas
    4 – Dallas
    5 – Houston
    6 – New York
    7 – KC
    8 – Colorado
    9 – Columbus
    10 – Chicago
    11 – Toronto
    12 – RSL
    13 – LA

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