Under-17 World Cup Finals: 1 in, 1 to go

Spain 2, Ghana 1

The Ghanaians will be hard-pressed to walk away from this one not feeling a bit odd. The game was truly equal, but it all came down to which team had the difference-maker. For Spain – Bojan has been that guy, all tournament. Yesterday’s semifinal was no different as it was his strike with 5 minutes to go the second extra-time that beat a Ghanaian squad most known this tournament for ejecting Brazil in the early knockout rounds. Speaking of ejections, Bojan – the gamewinner and an extremely promising Barcelona product – found himself ejected at the 120′ mark after accumulating two cautions. The game was presumably over and Ghana’s promising run came to an end, but not without already having a tremendous impact. Two players really stood out and many are poised to snap them up as future prospects – so watch out for the names – Ransford Osei (5 g) and Sadick Adams (5 g).

Germany vs. Nigeria TOMORROW

The last match-up today sees Germany as the favorites as they defeated a strong Ghana 3-2 in the first round as well as the revived American team and a tough England squad. Nigeria, though, has progressed through a minefield of a talent as well beating Argentina in the quarterfinals and dispatching of France in the round-robin stage. The Germans are led by Richard Sukuta-Pasu (4 g), a Leverkusen product, and a wise-way-beyond-his-years Toni Kroos (Bayern Munich – go figure – product), while Nigeria’s Macauley Chrisantus (6 g and tourney leading goalscorer) is making the kind of noise that German Bundesliga teams really like and aim to invest in. If the 17-year old can find enough chances and turn this thing into a shootout, I bet you Nigeria will come out on top. If the Germans hunker down and defend like they know how, it’s a Germany/Spain final. The way this tournament has been, however, favors the shootout and Nigeria in the final.

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