EPL Daily: Sheva done at Stamford?, Fergie’s regrets, Man U wants another starlet

In the same vein as CHI’s most prolific poster Jeff, I have decided to adopt his ‘daily sweeper’ approach towards the EPL. Then we can touch on every little detail that I’ve wanted to share but not elaborate on…

There is still a lot to take place before out-of-favor striker Andrei Shevchenko even looks at coming to the MLS, but plans certainly just took a step forward.

“I don’t know why Mourinho isn’t playing me – I don’t understand it,” said the Ukrainian. “But I’m not worried. I will just wait for my chance to come.”

I’d be a bit worried. Solomon Kalou is on a fast track to become a starter at Stamford and Drogba isn’t going anywhere. Pizarro has impressed and should even more once he settles down…but it all comes down to, how can’t you play this guy? Or even give him another shot? Then at least you know whether or not to get rid of him or not – a question everyone is too up in the air about to decide upon.

Sir Alex Ferguson seems to be the man of the hour and a real chatty Kathy these days. First telling us all that there is no way that Beckham can transform American soccer by himself (which all in all is true, but the press messed with his words and said that there is NO WAY Becks can help American soccer step into the big three). Then, to make matters worse, he said something along the lines of, Beckham has never been the same since Victoria (once again, probably true – but why now? what’s the point?).

“He was never a problem until he got married. He used to go into work with the academy coaches at night time, he was a fantastic young lad”

Truth is, most of his rant has something to it in terms of the biggest obstacles the MLS/USL/PDL has to overcome. Fergie says they are – the geography of the USA and the loss of talent to overseas clubs. What he doesn’t see or care enough to talk about (and why would he?) are the youth initiatives, the growing connection between university/pro ranks, and proper scouting. What do you think? 

Fergie then goes on to say how much he regrets driving former Dutch defensive stalwart Jaap Stam out of Old Trafford (Stam was sold at age 29 for almost $40mm to Lazio). Who knew the guy was so conflicted…

Giovanni dos Santos – along with Andres Guardado, Patricio Araujo, Omar Esparza, etc. – make up the extremely promising youth corps that will be Mexico’s future. dos Santos, however, has already found his way to Barcelona and has been progressing through the ranks. It is this year he is expected to see some time, but since the U-20 World Cup, Sir Alex Ferguson has gone batty over the kid. Gio – for now – is still looking to sign a long-term contract with Barca, but considering how much Fergie shoveled out for Anderson and Nani, this move could happen.


3 Responses

  1. now you made me look bad and i started my own daily La Liga thing..cause you cant beat me..


  2. Sheva should never have left milan

    i just dont get why he dont get full games at chelsea .. at least gibe him one ot 2



  3. couldn’t agree more – you pay that much for him, you have to have faith he’s gonna produce some remnant of his old self

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