EPL Daily 9.10: Leeds continues to roll; Hargreaves/Lampard out; and the Toffees sweat over Howard

Everton is waiting patiently for their key netminder to return from Chicago with only the knowledge that Tim Howard has somehow injured his finger making him questionable for the Everton – Manchester United derby coming up.

Stevie Gerrard has been given the green light to play in England’s upcoming Euro 2008 qualifier against Russia. Great news and all but it comes coupled with the ruling out of Frankie Lampard and Owen Hargreaves. Not good – but then again they handled Israel rather well (3-0) with a somewhat watered down squad. Just give Shaun Wright-Phillips 40 chances and he’ll most likely make one of them.

The much maligned Leeds United is back to a clean slate. Five consecutive wins to start the season has wiped out their 15 point deficit with a 2-0 win over Hartlepool. They now sit only 3 points from safety and considering their form it would be one hell of a story if they could pull off a play-off spot. Leed’s worst summer ever started back in late 1990s – read this.

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  1. If McClaren hurts Gerrard I’m going to kill that SOB

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