What the hell is happening in Spain???

Warning…uncontrollable rant ahead.

I had to take a break from my studying today to write a unusual mid-day post for me.  And note that this might will take a ranting form.

But what the hell is Luis Aragones doing with the Spanish national team???

I’m seriously getting sick of this.  I know some of you are asking, Why does the American kid care about what happens with the Spanish side?  Well, I’m basically an adopted Spaniard, so thats why.  I’ve lived there so long, so many times that I follow everything Spain, hence my love for La Liga and my utter dislike, along with most Spaniards, of everything Luis Aragones.

But really, it’s time for the Real Federacion Española de Futbol to just get rid of the aging old man that is Aragones.

Luckily the Spaniards draw in Iceland was not the death blow, as both Sweden and North Ireland drew their respective games on Saturday, leaving Spain in third place on 16 points.

Sure, Spain drew Iceland with 10 men as Xavi Alonzo was sent off unluckily in the first half for an apparent ‘stomp’ on an Iceland player, but that doesn’t matter.  You were playing Iceland for God sakes.

Who does Iceland have on their team besides Eider Gudjohnsen, no one!   They do have a few Reading players and one for Burnley, so lets hear from you Burnley fans just what you think about your Icelandic star.

I know that ‘la furia roja’ have never been a real powerhouse in international football, but seriously, it’s time for him to go.

If you look at his record with the Spanish club, you might be surprised.  In 39 games he has 25 wins, 10 ties and 4 losses.  So you might be asking, why the criticism of ‘el viejo’

Look at what Spain has done in the World Cup.  First off, they almost didn’t qualify for the world cup, and had to beat Slovakia 6-2 on aggregate to even make it into the tournament, with a great squad.  They made it through the qualifying round unbeaten surprinsgly and looked like they were going to make a run.

But then they got beat 3-1 to France.  So one loss on Aragones record did them in.  It goes to show you that only having a few ‘key’ losses can be worse than having 20.

The Spanish team is full of talent, from Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonzo, Javi Navarro, Iker Casillas, and the list goes on.  But Aragones can never get the team to gel and to play up to their potential.  Whether it is some of the players fault is a valid argument, but we are not going to oust the entire Spanish side.

Which means Luis, it’s time to go.

(I apologize for the lack of accent marks, but these stupid UB computers don’t have an option for a Spanish keyboard) 


4 Responses

  1. As a fellow adopted Spaniard (I lived on the Granada Coast for 8 months in 2005-2006), the Spanish National Team always intrigued me, but I learned a lot from my best friend while I lived there.

    His explanation made a lot of sense and explains why nobody seems to get behind the National Team. He said that everyone’s loyalties to their club teams prevent them from all getting together to cheer the National Team, but allows their criticisms to be heard.

    And don’t worry, my buddy was a smart guy. Diehard Sevilla supporter who turned me onto them. “I won’t let you leave here without becoming a Sevilla fan” was his famous line.

  2. Well your buddy is a good man.

    I agree with the club vs country argument..that is really what it is all over the world, but it seems that most of the people in Spain, we want the national team to win, but they just can never get anything going.

  3. […] let my thoughts been known about el viejo before, but I’ve decided that I’m not going to waste my time badmouthing […]

  4. […] let my thoughts been known about el viejo before, but I’ve decided that I’m not going to waste my time badmouthing […]

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