La Liga Para Todos Sept 11th–Palop signs for Sevilla, Happy Birthday Betis (cough cough), Pay me says Laporta

Lets get started shall we, I have too much homework to still do at 1:26am tonight.

—Andres Palop resigned for Sevilla a few days ago, but I just got around to reporting it today. He signed with Sevilla until 2011, essentially ending the now 34 year old’s career in Sevilla. He has expressed desire to end his career in Andalucia, thus his wish is our command. Palop has been essential in Sevilla’s success over the past 18 months and will be crucial in their run in the Champions League this year and in La Liga.

—That other team from Sevilla, Real Betis, turned 100 years old today. Feliz Cumpleaños Betis, but you still suck.

–The story that caught my eye today was always animated Barça president Joan Laporte saying that he is essentially sick and tired of having to loan players out for international duty without being compensated by their respective nations. He said ‘It is an embarrassment’ I don’t know about the embarrassment part, but it does throw a kink in things when one of your stars goes on international duty and gets hurt (ie Michael Owen in the 2006 World Cup) But for many it is a honor to play for their country, and it is one of the few chances that the players get to travel back home, so they take full advantage of it.

But as always La Palabra del día

Un crack-a great player, a superstar, someone that has immense talent.

Mira como juega Kanouté, es un crack.

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