Podcasts I can’t live without

I got an email the other day from a new soccer fan wondering where I seem to get all my soccer knowledge from.

Podcasts man, join the wave of the future!!

Whoever invented podcasts should get a trophy, really they should. It’s great, and gives me time to listen to tons of football news when I’m driving, working out, or even playing footy myself.

Here are the podcasts I listen to while I weep silently for the fact that yes, I too have a small penis. In order to access them, just open up I-Tunes and go to the Music Store and put the name in the search engine, hit subscribe and volia.

If you didn’t know how to do that before, how do you know how to use the E-Bays??

World Soccer Daily

It’s a two hour long show that is simply fantastic. It’s hosted by Steven and Howard, two British Expats who know loads about the beautiful game and are pretty funny too. Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to this show, and if I find myself home from school one day, I call in or email too. They talk about football from all over the world and the callers can be entertaining too. The website for them is http://www.worldsoccerdaily.com

606 Football Phone-In

This comes courtesy of the BBC and is generally a 2 hour long show in England, but cut down to around 45 minutes for the podcast. Basically football fans phone in, usually stuck on the highway coming back from their team’s game, and they say what they have to say. It’s hosted by a plethora of funny English speakers. I love getting the random Scunthorp supporter calling in on his way home, it’s classic.

Baker and Kelly

Holy shit, I just got turned on to this podcast and looked like a complete moron on campus today while I was laughing my ass off for 45 minutes. Apparently this used to be a podcast way back when, but they stopped. They really didn’t talk much football today, but it was absolute quality. Some guy took the entire Manchester United team and compared their numbers with the worst 100 movies of all time.

The winner, Wayne Rooney was Meatballs 4, and shall now forever be known as such.

ESPNSoccernet Extra

This is an okay podcast without much really going on. They talk a lot of English football, which is good, but it’s more for information and not for laughs. Still a good listen.

Football Weekly on Guardian Unlimited
This show I like because they focus on more European leagues like La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A and have correspondents from the respective countries call in and discuss the league.

If anyone else like me listens to podcasts and have any more to add to the list, go ahead, add them in. And if you know a good MLS one, let me know too.


2 Responses

  1. Baker and Kelly? I listened to that on your recommendation. I should known since you like World Soccer Daily to expect more monkeys prattling on. Absolute garbage. The Game is much better now without Danny Kelly. I highly recommend EPL Talk and Divers and Cheats.

  2. EPL talk is good, WAY better than La Liga talk. La Liga talk need a spanish lesson.

    I like Baker and Kelly (at least the first one) because when you listen to 5 hours of podcasts a day, I’m sick of just hearing monotone people talking about football with no comedic value.

    If I wanted to listen to podcasts just for info, I would watch the news, but you have to have some comedy in your life

    Divers and Cheats I’ll give a listen to.

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