Fresh Meat at Center Holds It and Get Your Comment On

Greetings avid CHI readers.  Just wanted to let you all know that we have adopted a new blogger from ‘Down Under’ to join us here at Center Holds It.

His name is Dustin and he will be joining the fray sometime this weekend I would imagine. (as long as he can figure out how to use WordPress).

Make sure to treat him with the utmost respect  give him all sorts of hell when he starts to post here.  It’s his first time here around the E-Bays and with blogging, so make sure to comment as you see fit.  I wanted a picture of Kevin Bacon getting paddled from Animal House, but will settle with the oh so college picture of John Belushi in his ‘college’ sweatshirt.

That’s another thing.  If you like a story, don’t like it, think I’m a complete asshole, whatever, make sure to comment at the end of our articles.  It’s a good way to spark debate and gives us some more to write about and lets us know what you want to see.

So G’Day and welcome to CHI Justin, and don’t mind Jeff, you can’t post as much as he does.

Also, if you were wondering, don’t shut your finger in your car door.  Just don’t do it.  My pointer fingernail makes me look like one of those cool ’emo’ kids that paints one fingernail completely black.  Just some advice.


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