MLS Week 24 Team News; Week 24 Ahead, Ahoy!

Below is the new/usual team news round-up, by no means thorough and coming at the end of an, admittedly, distracted week.  If you don’t see your team in there, I don’t mean to offend.  And, by the way, if you know of or run a site focusing on a team I’m missing, let me know; I mess with my Bloglines account more than you can imagine.

After teams news, I’ll look to the weekend ahead, flagging the games I hope to see and why.

TEAM NEWS…in no particular order…

Columbus Crew
Rumors of messy stuff between Head Coach Sigi and Andy Herron; you can guess whose side Jon Busch takes.
The Crew’s near-trades and trading philosophy (P.S. Pete Vanegas is crazy).

FC Dallas
3rd Degree flagged concerns about outside backs getting isolated on defense (it’s somewhere in there); good tactical stuff generally.
Deconstruction of wimpy win over Toronto FC.

Chicago Fire
Love for new guy Conde (first name William?  Can I call him Bill?)
Status on Justin Mapp, Gonzalo Segares, more Conde

Houston Dynamo
Somewhere after catching up with Corey Ashe’s adjustment to MLS, there’s talk of when some players (Brad Davis, Paul Dalglish) will return.

Real Salt Lake
Linked to earlier, but liked it: missing on-field leadership in Salt Lake (down at the bottom).

Colorado Rapids
General Status – notably for Bouna Coundoul

DC United
Would ya look at all them suspensions?
Emilio’s (unholy) tear; the man will bag 20…dammit.
The DCenters useful insanity; team, streaks thoroughly deconstructed

Red Bull New York
Altidore’s status, plus The Missing Mathis Mystery (the word “personal” is used)


I’ll start by registering my total disgust at being unable to watch Columbus Crew v. Kansas City Wizards (preview), that great big game at the lip of MLS’s basement.  I mean, if I don’t see the Phoenix rising from the ashes, how am I supposed to explain it?  How to know if it will continue?  Arrggh!  For the record, I started the season loitering near the Crew bandwagon before falling off in the dark, pre-Schelotto days.  I can’t explain this urge to get back on…especially with the likelihood it’s going to end up in the ditch before the season ends.  There’s also KC to figure; a win here and they’re breathing easy, but I just can’t see them making noise in the post-season.  So, yeah, a bit disappointed here, so…

…I’ll have to make do with the FC Dallas v. New England Revolution (preview) game (  Even as this game gives the impression of two teams fighting over the oars as they head into the rapids (barely understand that metaphor, sorry; beats the parachute one I just tried), both these teams still matter and, whichever team figures their shit out first, could possibly matter more still once the playoffs begin.  Given New England’s red, hot love for the flanks, that tactical stuff in 3rd Degree about the flanks seems relevant.

There’s also Chicago Fire v. Red Bull New York (preview), the FSC game for the weekend.  Let’s get a show of hands: who thinks Red Bull can stab another 1-0 dagger into the Fire?  I’m thinking not…I could be hoping not…I’m not sure, but will know by game time.  Problem is, I don’t expect a lot from this one entertainment-wise.  Ah, c’est la vie…

So…that leaves Real Salt Lake v. Toronto FC (preview), Houston Dynamo v. Los Angeles Galaxy (no preview) – two games I can see, but probably won’t – and Chivas USA v. Colorado Rapids (no preview), which I can’t see…dammit.  With RSL v. TFC, it’s a case of, why?  Houston v. LA, well, I’ll see it if I can, but I’ll do OK without.  As for Colorado and Chivas, yep, I’d like to see that one, not least for its impact on Columbus.

Finally, I suck at them, but what the hell, here are some predictions:

KC 1-2 Columbus (Believe!)
New England 3-2 FCD (Dreaming…why do I dream?)
Fire 1-0 RBNY (and we all fall asleep)
TFC 0-X RSL (X= # of goals RSL will score; TFC will continue amazing run)
LA 0-0 Houston (smell the disappointment)
Colorado 1-0 Chivas (Lucky Clavijo strikes again)


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