One-liner guide to La Liga Jornada 3–Que guay!

Here is your guide to La Liga Jornada 3, why you are chowing down on the biggest paella you’ve ever seen.

Note that since Mediapro and Audiovisual still cant get their heads out of their asses the only games televised this weekend will be Athletic-Zaragoza and Sevilla-Recreativo (sorry Madrid fans, better go jump off a bridge now.)

Home team is First and kickoff is in Spain time (minus 6 hours for the East Coast and so on)

And I will be making a paella this weekend in honor of the Sevilla game, but not as big as this guy’s and minus the seafood. I’m not a seafood kinda guy.

And here are your one-line guides to all of this weekend’s action.

Saturday 14 September

Valencia-Valladolid 8:00pm
Can Valencia escape the mid-season crisis, two games into the season?

Real Madrid-Almeria 8:00pm
Can Wesley Sneijder keep his scoring boots on long enough to give Madrid a win?

Athletic-Zaragoza 10:00pm (Televised) least they aren’t from the Basque prov..oh shit. Run!!! Protect your ATM Machines.

Sunday 15 September

Espanyol-Getafe 5:00pm
A Schuster-less Getafe is looking less than fine this season.

Deportivo-Betis 5:00pm
If it’s from Sevilla, and not Sevilla FC, it’s CRAP!

Mallorca-Villareal 5:00pm
Villareal will be out for blood after getting wacked by Madrid two weeks ago.

Murcia-Atlético 5:00pm
Oh Fernando Torres, why have you left us??

Racing-Levante 5:00pm
Can any of these teams actually score a goal? Anyone?

Sevilla-Recreativo 7:00pm
One Singma Pongolle on the bench down spells relief for Palop and Sevilla.

Osasuna-Barcelona 9:00pm
Will TH14 actually score play against Osasuna?

If you want to try to catch a not-so-legal feed of any of the games, check out Live Footy, thats how I get all my games I can’t see on Fox Soccer Channel.

I’ll be out this weekend as I have games this weekend at 10am Saturday and Sunday in the lovely Fall League BDSL or as we affection ally call it, the Beer Drinkers Soccer League, where if someone doesn’t throw up on Saturday morning before halftime, it’s just not a good game.

Que disfrutes!


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