MLS: Remaining Schedules, Updated and Analyzed (or, Rather, Pondered)

Ya know…since posting this last week, it occurs to me this would pretty easy to update. And, to think, I used to come across things like this on BigSoccer and whisper to myself, “holy shit, dude, get a life.” Now I’m that dude with no life it doesn’t feel so bad – and it’s a pretty useful resource besides….so, there you go.

It also seems this kind of obviates the need for the Perspecto-Scope, so I think I’ll ditch that for this and future weeks…me and my revolving cast of features…

I’ve updated every teams’ remaining game tally and chucked in fresh analysis taking into account the results from Week 24. Oh, and here are the standings…those help to make sense of all this. Here’s the key I’ll use to shorten team names:

Chicago Fire: CF
Chivas USA: CUSA
Colorado Rapids: CR
Columbus Crew: Crew (don’t ask)
DC United: DCU
FC Dallas: FCD
Houston Dynamo: HD
Kansas City Wizards: KC
Los Angeles Galaxy: LA
New England Revolution: NE
Red Bull New York: RBNY
Real Salt Lake: RSL
Toronto FC: TFC

Right…now, here goes:

Chicago Fire (6 games)
@ FCD (9/20); DCU (9/23); @ CUSA (9/29); NE (10/6); @ DCU (10/13); LA (10/21)
A Couple Pennies: Got a draw when a win was needed. Having counted the home game against Red Bull as a likely win, I say their chances took a little hit. Making things worse, Blanco showed signs of late, shaky legs – to the point, in fact, where I think Juan Carlos Osorio needs to find a time to rest him. He’s central to any magic (black or white) the Fire seems able to work.

Chivas USA (6 games)
KC (9/22); CF (9/29); @ RSL (10/6); @ FCD (10/11); CR (10/14); HD (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: Two games and four points in Week 24…not too bad…at least until you consider they dropped two points against Colorado. Then again, that was on the road and Shep Messing tells me to expect good things from Colorado and he gets paid for this sort of thing and I don’t…blah, blah, blah. Anyway, still looking good.

Colorado Rapids (5 games)
@ RSL (9/22); @ NE (9/29); TFC (10/7); @CUSA (10/14); RSL (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: They may still be outside the playoff picture, but they’re definitely looking in the window – especially with the Fire dropping the ball. As you’re mulling that over, here’s another question: who would rather play in Week 25? Real Salt Lake or FC Dallas and DC? Thought so. Colorado may yet force their way through that window.

Columbus Crew (5 games)
@ TFC (9/22); LA (9/30); FCD (10/6); @ NE (10/13); @ DC (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: I learned something about myself (I’ll explain later) through this, but the main thing here: deadly, deadly game for Columbus to lose. Add in how they lost and…well, time to get FEMA on the phone to send grief counselors to the Columbus area. Wait, scratch that…call anyone but FEMA…Tempting as it is to say, cheer up, it’s TFC next, it’s to the point where one wonders if it matters.

DC United (5 games + what the? exhibitions)
@ CF (9/23); TFC (9/29); @ KC (10/5); CF (10/13); Crew (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: Yeah, they clinched a playoff spot. They also only had to beat RSL to do it. Big deal. And I hear they didn’t look so swell doing it…so there.

FC Dallas (6 games + US Open Cup final on 10/3)
CF (9/20); @ LA (9/23); HD (9/30); @ Crew (10/6); CUSA (10/11); KC (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: Tough loss for this bunch, especially given how well they played for big stretches. They have the double-edged psychic test of the Colorado Rapids up next; two weeks ago, this would have been a blessing, but after going 1-3 over the past four, facing their old nemesis could prompt a spiral into the darkness. The utterly amazing thing: they could still miss the playoffs.

Houston Dynamo (4 games)
@ FCD (9/30); LA (10/7); @ RSL (10/15); @ CUSA (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: Are they back? Seriously. Yeah, they’ve got two straight wins and they scored seven goals between those games. But look at the opposition: Real Salt Lake, whom they only just beat and, yesterday, the limping corpse that is, or rather was, LA. Before that came two straight draws against the low-end of the bubble teams (KC and Columbus). We’ll see where they are after they play FC Dallas in Week 26…maybe (what if Dallas keeps stumbling?).

Kansas City Wizards (5 games)
@ CUSA (9/22); LA (9/27); DC (10/5); @ RBNY (10/13); @ FCD (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: Lucky, lucky, lucky win against Columbus. But also massive – I mean, just fucking gi-NORMOUS – when it comes to getting their asses back into the MLS post-season. And, after two years out, I’m guessing that will look enough like progress in KC to make people happy.

Los Angeles (8 games)
@ RSL (9/19); FCD (9/23); @ KC (9/27); @ Crew (9/30); @ HD (10/7); TFC (10/13); RBNY (10/18); @ CF (10/21)
A Couple Pennies: LA fans may not be happy about two straight losses. I am. The sooner these guys are out of playoff contention the better. Let the suffering end.

New England Revolution (5 games + US Open Cup final of 10/3)
@ RBNY (9/22); CR (9/29); @ CF (10/6); Crew (10/13); @ TFC (10/22)
A Couple Pennies: I say, I say, holy shit. For the first time in weeks, the Revs looked like a top-tier team. If they keep this up, I may yet even want to see them in MLS Cup…not holding my breath, but here’s to hoping Paul Mariner’s comment about hitting their stride comes to fruition. One last thing: I don’t expect the U.S. Open Cup final to look much like what happened this past weekend.

Red Bull New York (5 games)
NE (9/22); RSL (9/29); @ TFC (10/4); KC (10/13); @ LA (10/18)
A Couple Pennies: Having already rendered judgment on this one – and it wasn’t a kind one – I will say this: Red Bull looked better than I thought they would against Chicago. This is not a championship team, but they should have enough to make it…especially with games against RSL, TFC and LA to pad the schedule.

Real Salt Lake (6 games)
LA (9/19); CR (9/22); @ RBNY (9/29); CUSA (10/6); HD (10/15); @ CR (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: The Charge of the Light Brigade continues. At least until October 20.

Toronto FC (6 games)
Crew (9/22); @ DC (9/29); RBNY (10/4); @ CR (10/7); @ LA (10/13); NE (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: Worth watching for the incredible, growing scoreless streak. The odds on them ending the season without scoring must be phenomenal, so, y’know, why not drop a fiver on it and see what happens?


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