Post YOUR Power Rankings; Help Me, Help You

Even if the offers aren’t pouring in, I will keep extending the invite: if you want to help boost the number of opinions used to formulate the weekly collective power rankings, just drop in either a link to what you have posted elsewhere or type your very own power rankings directly into the comments field.

The deadline for entries is Thursday morning at about 8 a.m. PST.

MLS Week 24 Power Rankings: Two-Horse Race for 8th

The teams of Major League Soccer (MLS): how they stack up and who each team plays next. Read ‘em and, depending on the team you follow, cry or whoop.

There’s also the matter of a mental readjustment in my rankings, specifically around the teams ranked #6-#9: between the standings and how the rest of each teams’ schedule looks, the teams I believe to be playoff-bound all show in the Top 8. As we roll out of Week 24 and into Week 25, the magic number – e.g. the lowest number of points compiled by a team in the playoff picture – is 30. The team holding that number: Chicago. At this point, I’m seeing a two-horse race between the Kansas City Wizards and the Chicago Fire, both of whom have fairly atrocious schedules. Who has it worse? See below…

Elsewhere, I’m wondering if “The Cream of MLS” has shrunk to the Top 3.

OK, on with the rankings:

1. (1) DC United (49 points)
The two chief emotions engendered by DC: respect and hate. Those have a certain “let them hate us, so long as they fear us” kind of vibe and that comes in handy. Won’t change their number till I have reason to do so. And they already clinched.
In Week 25: Chicago Fire (9/23; away)

2. (2) Chivas USA (44 pts.)
Another four-point weekend; they even briefly held the top spot in the West. MLS’s candy-cane men remain a shoo-in for the playoffs – they’re all but mathematically in it – and hanging comfortably with the contenders.
In Week 25: Kansas City Wizards (9/22; home…y’know, where they don’t lose?)

3. (5) New England Revolution (45 pts.)
I must have been hoping for it because, yes, I’m falling in love all over again. New England looked sharper than Vermont Cheddar against FCD; the only question is whether they can keep it up. They already clinched as well.
In Week 25: Red Bull New York (9/22; away) Continue reading