Post YOUR Power Rankings; Help Me, Help You

Even if the offers aren’t pouring in, I will keep extending the invite: if you want to help boost the number of opinions used to formulate the weekly collective power rankings, just drop in either a link to what you have posted elsewhere or type your very own power rankings directly into the comments field.

The deadline for entries is Thursday morning at about 8 a.m. PST.


5 Responses

  1. I’ll take a crack at it:

    1. D.C. United: Holy hell. The twelve other teams must be wondering how much mojo they have left in that bottle. In other words, can they keep up this high level of play for the rest of the season and throughout the playoffs?
    2. New England: Soundly beat a good FC Dallas team with healthy contributions from their impressive midfield. Giving up two goals at home won’t make Steve Nicol happy, though.
    3. Chivas USA: Good news- earned a point on the road without Razov or Galindo against a desperate Colorado team. Bad news- gave away a win while playing with a man advantage against a poor Colorado team.
    4. Houston: Gave the boot to LA and has Brian Ching ready to contribute again with Brad Davis, Paul Dalglish, and Stuart Holden not too far from getting back on the field. Call them weak at your own risk.
    5. FC Dallas: Two goals at Gillette Stadium is rather impressive and just got beat by a very good team.
    6. Kansas City: Three MASSIVE points against Columbus gives them a little more breathing room. More importantly, the miraculous win may give them a healthy shot of invaluable momentum.
    7. New York: Gave away two leads and couldn’t take advantage of the extra man against the Fire, but they’ve been poor on the road as of late and a point away should be good enough to further solidify their playoff spot.
    8. Colorado: Went a man down early after Facundo Erpen’s red card and played with a rookie in the back after Mike Petke left the game with injury yet fought back against a tough Chivas USA team for a very valuable point.
    9. Chicago: I’m still not convinced we will make the playoffs. If all we can do against an iffy Red Bull team is one point at home, we’re going to have no chance in the four games against the three best teams in the league right now.
    10. Columbus: I really thought this would be their year to get back to the playoffs and knock Kansas City out. Guess not, especially after that meltdown.
    11. Real Salt Lake: Jason Kreis is quietly and slowly doing good things over there. With a little more talent and a good draft they could challenge for the playoffs next season.
    12. Los Angeles: Laugh at them now while you can, ‘cos next year I think they’ll be killer especially with most of their starting line up back from injury.
    13. Toronto FC: What do you think the chances are their scoreless streak will hit quadruple digits?

    As I typed this, I realised something. Colorado and Chicago both lost key defenders to red cards and fought back from deficits to get a point (Chicago came back twice). Yet both teams were at home where three points are a must if they want to contend in the playoffs. The main difference was Colorado played almost the whole game a man down and came back against Chivas USA and Chicago played only 20 minutes a man down and came back against New York. Hence Colorado gets #8 and Chicago gets #9.

  2. Thanks, Fire_Juve10. Getting a big(-ish) pool going this week…

  3. I’m probably late, but here it is:

    1 – DC
    2 – Chivas
    3- New England
    4 – Houston
    5 – Dallas
    6 – New York
    7- KC
    8 – Chicago
    9 – Colorado
    10 – Columbus
    11- Toronto
    12 – RSL
    13 – LA

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  5. Bummer, D. I was almost done with the commentary by the time you jumped in…must work…must work…

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