One-liner guide to La Liga–Jornada 4 ¡Qué guay!

In my constant quest to indocrinate the Western World in the joy that is the Spanish culture, I present to you sangria. Now, you can make sangria in lots of different ways, but I give you my recipe, which I find to be the best. It’s adapted from a few Spanish recipes, but I find it to be the best tasting, sometimes a bit strong.

1 bottle 750ml red wine (white just isn’t the same)
1 to 1.5 cups of Brandy (no rum!)
2 oranges
1 apple (the apple sucks a lot of the flavor out)
A bunch of Cherries
1 lemon
1 lime
2 20 oz bottles of Sprite or 7-up
Sugar-add to taste
Cut the fruit into little pieces, you don’t have to skin the fruit if you don’t want. Add the alcohol together, then put in the fruit and add sugar. Don’t worry about adding too much sugar as it should be somewhat sweet, but the bottles of 7-up take out the huge alcohol taste (if my Spanish family knew I was putting 7-up in they would kill me). When done, settle in for a great week in La Liga. (Hey, if I could buy Cruzcampo or Mahou in the states, I wouldn’t have to make sangria!)

And without further ado, CHI’s very own One Liner Guide to La Liga–Jornada 4
As always kickoffs are in Spanish time, (minus 6 hours for the East Coast, etc)


Menudo Partidazo of the week!

Barcelona-Sevilla Saturday, 22:00 La Sexta
Both had 3-0 games in the Champions League but on other sides of the win loss column, does Sevilla have what it takes to win La Liga this season?

The rest after the jump

Saturday 22:00
With Beto back in the lineup, can Recreativo overcome a 4-1 trouncing last weekend while Espanyol looks to move up the table?

Sunday 17:00
Villareal are finally getting into stride and look to take out newly promoted Murcia to possibly place them on top of La Liga.

Sunday 17:00
Levante, goalless in their first three games, looks to net their first at home against a struggling Athletic side. Oh shit, here come ETA!!!

Sunday 17:00
A scoring Dani Güiza looks to impress an interested Luis Aragonés this weekend against a tricky Almería side.

Sunday 17:00
A struggling Getafe want to right the ship after a terrible opening 3 weeks.

Sunday 17:00
Osasuna are hungry for a win after a well earned draw with Barça last weekend.

Sunday 19:00
A UEFA Cup win mid-week should propel Atlético to their first win in La Liga.

Valladolid-Real Madrid
Sunday 21:00 (Canal +)
I’m not calling Valladolid a push over, but Real Madrid are on a mission this year and I’m not sure David will be able to stop Goliath.

2 Responses

  1. Damn straight Real wont be stopped by Valladolid, my recent recolection of them is a 5-0 thumping in the league a few years back, I have blocked out the Copa del Rey loss our 2nd string suffered to them 2 years ago though, being the blindsided fan I am. Double blogging?? Dude where do you have the time? I applaud your dedication

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